Résumé: L’acide abscissique (ABA) est une hormone végétale impliquée dans la réponse des plantes aux stress et également dans la maturation et la. Relation entre les teneurs en acide abscissique des bourgeons latents, des feuilles et des entre-noeuds de vitis vinifera L. var Merlot pendant. Influence de i’acide abscissique sur le transport d’ions inorganiques chez la pomme de terre (solanum tuberosum cv. Bintje). etude comparée avec quelques .

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ABA biosynthesis was apparently only affected in seeds, as observed by reduced ABA levels and paclobutrazol resistance; seed dormancy was, however, unaltered.

The plant hormone abscisic acid ABA is involved in the response and adaptation to stress, as well as seed maturation and germination. Results distilled from the latest structural studies on these ABA receptors, characterized by the so-called START domain, are beginning to tender aacide most exciting promise for rational design of agonists and antagonists towards modulating stress adaptive ability in plants.

Dormancy and the requirement of gibberellins for germination would abscisssique, therefore, to be differentially regulated by ABA. Because land plants are protected by a waxy cuticle impermeable to gas exchange, the stomatal pores are thus the primary portals for photosynthetic CO 2 uptake. Statistiques Afficher les informations. The built up of the hormone then triggers diverse adaptive pathways permitting plants to withstand temporary bouts of water shortage. The phenotypes observed for Atnced9 and Atnced6 mutants were similar and weaker than those observed for ABA deficient mutants affected in unique genes.

These transport mechanisms most likely share fundamental principles with any excitable cell. This review will chart the recent extraordinary progress that has enlightened us on how ABA controls membrane transport mechanisms that evoke the fast stomatal closing pathway.


Unlike other resources such as the different forms of energy, water has no other alternatives. In humans, more amazingly, ABA has shown anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Drought, by biasing pathways that lead to rapid closure of these pores, has therefore a negative impact on photosynthesis, and consequently, biomass as well. Tuesday, September 18, – 1: The detailed analysis of their expression patterns enabled AtNCED6 transcripts to be localised to the endosperm throughout seed development, absissique a peak in abundance at 14 DAF.

acide abscissique

The stomatal aperture widens and narrows by expansion and contraction, respectively, of these flanking guard cells caused by changes in the intracellular concentrations of ion fluxes.

In contrast, seeds of the Atnced6, Atnced9 double mutant were less dormant. This found that 5 of the genes were expressed in seeds. Analysis of the expression of two other genes, AtNCED2 and AtNCED3, found that although their temporal expression patterns were similar during seed development, the spatial expression patterns were different, suggesting that each enzyme could participate in the synthesis of ABA pools with distinct physiological roles.

Even its receptors and key signaling intermediates have homologs in the human genome suggesting that evolution has re-fashioned these same proteins into new functional contexts. Friday, February 3, – 8: Thus, learning about the molecular mechanisms of ABA in action using the more flexible plant model will be likely beneficial abscisdique other organisms, abscisique especially in human diseases, which is topical in the medical circle.

Although ABA was first discovered in plants, it has resurfaced in the human brain and many other non-plant organisms: The subsequent analysis of these enzymes in other species found that they were encoded by multigene families, and that in Arabidopsis the family was composed of 9 members, termed AtNCED, only 5 of which appeared to be involved in ABA biosynthesis Iuchi et al.


This implies that ABA synthesized in the endosperm participates in the process of dormancy imposition during seed development. ABA is produced from cleaved carotenoids C40 and the early steps in its biosynthesis are common with those for the formation of pigments such as carotene and lycopene.

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An initial study of the 7 genes most homologous to VP14 was carried out with regard to their expression during seed development and in vegetative tissues. These events require coordination of channels, vacuolar and membrane transporters that generate a specific pattern abcsissique electrical signals that relay the ABA stimulus.

ABA can accumulate up to 10 to fold in plants under drought stress relative to unstressed conditions. Jeffrey Leung, Leung isv.

Identification of the ABA deficient, viviparous mutant vp14enabled the cloning of a gene encoding a 9-cis-epoxycarotenoid dioxygenase NCED Schwartz et al. Each microscopic stoma, or pore, is contoured by two specialized kidney-shaped cells called the guard cells.

Pour les lecteurs Alerte abscissiqeu. Have you forgotten your login? Furthermore, seed fatty acid composition in the Atnced6 mutant was different from that of wild-type, which indicates that ABA synthesized in the endosperm is also involved in the regulation of seed reserves.