Feedback. You can give us feedback – comments, critiques, suggestions, etc. Bug reports and feature requests are always welcome. Check out our forums and. This screenshot shows the Aegisub main window with everything open: The two most important areas are the Subtitles Grid and Edit Box. The grid shows all the. By: Karl Blomster. Kanji Timer. Description: A video tutorial demonstrating how the kanji timer can be used to synchronize kanji timing to roomaji timing. By: Niels .

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The following tags are written in the middle of the text, and not inside override blocks i. Holding Ctrl while pressing Enter will aegisib on the line instead of going to the next, but still commit the changes. If it is unsure, it will ask you to choose from two or more likely alternatives. Join concatenate Same as above, but concatenates the text of all selected lines instead. Show Original Checking the Show Original box switches the edit box to the following mode: In the second version, the times t1 and t2 are given in milliseconds, ie.

The angle brackets are not part of the value you should enter. An accel parameter of 1 one causes the animation speed to be linear.

Be aware that this tag blurs the edges of the text, not everything. For example, a t1 value of means that the movement begins 1. Right margin for this line.


All drawing routines must start with this command. So drawing towill actually draw to 50, The actor speaking this line.

Tags in the first category should appear at most once in a line, and where in the line they appear is unimportant. Open Autosaved Subtitles Open a file created by Aegisub’s manaul.

In addition, some of them are mutally exclusive: Split line Splits the line into two eagisub lines at the cursor position. The first three will have the actor field set to “Actor 1”, and the fifth will have it set to “Actor 2” the comment line’s actor field will be blank.

Commands – Aegisub Manual

To select multiple lines, hold down either Ctrl or Shift and click. Starts invisible, fades to almost totally opaque, then fades to almost totally invisible. Setting this tag to 1 or above enables drawing mode. Vertical margin for this line.

Editing Subtitles

Supported formats Aegisub supports reading the following subtitle formats: Effect The effect for this line. Note that it is legal to have t1 and t2 specify times greater than the duration of the line, but it might not be very useful to do so. Overview From Aegisub Manual. In the extended version, strength is the number of times to apply the regular effect. Note that most fonts only support one or two weights so you rarely need to use this.

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Recombine lines Given two or more lines with the same text being partially present in all of them, creates one line per text fragment instead.

The words are written with increasingly greater weight. Opening subtitles In the File menu, there are four menu choices that relate to opening or creating subtitles: In this picture taken from that article, P0 is the cursor position, P1 is x1,y1, P2 is x2,y2 and P3 is x3,y3: This is done to allow sub-pixel accuracy. The result of inluding multiple instances of these tags or mutally exclusive tags will vary between renderers and is not recommended.

Note that unlike in previous versions of Aegisub, changes do not need to be committed using this button.

aegiwub Any unrecognized text within override blocks is silently ignored, so they are also commonly used for inline comments. It is legal to specify negative rotation amounts, as well as amounts larger than degrees.

Ctrl-click selects one more line per click; Shift-click selects all the lines between the first clicked and the last clicked. The four “AB” buttons change the colours of different elements of the line.