bridge. • Location: Sevilla, Andalucia,. Spain. • Crosses: Guadalquivir River. • Duration: • Materials: Cables: Steel. Pylon: Reinforced Concrete. Here you will find information, technical measurements and images of Alamillo bridge. Name, Puente de Alamillo (Harp Bridge) Seville, Andalusia, Spain. Who. Owner, Regional Government of Andalucia. Concept Design, S Calatrava. Construction.

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There is an excellent balance between light and dark, and the deck itself appears as a particularly slender element.

The pylon itself rises m above the city, with an inclination of 32 0 to the vertical, and the deck alajillo a clear span of m. Cookies We are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site.

The mirrored bridges, with their pylons tilted towards each other, approximately 1. Alamillo Bridge Puente del Alamillo. The ribs are structurally connected to the reinforced concrete slab.

This harp arrangement is a less efficient way of supporting the deck, but is more aesthetically pleasing. It has a total length of brirge.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Expo ’92 World Fair provided the authorities of Seville with an opportunity to improve the infrastructure of the brivge and its surrounding areas in the Province of Andalusia.

Types of Anchorage The anchors are located in the bottom platform on both sides of the central deck. The basic aesthetic downfall of many cable-stayed bridges is that the design only works in elevation and from oblique angles the cables crisscross and simplicity is lost. In practice this is impossible. The inclined pylon of Alamillo had no structural precedent. The original intent was to build two symmetrical bridges on either side of the island, but in the end, the Alamillo’s singular design has proved most striking.


As a response to the natural demand for symmetry, two bridges were initially proposed in order to span the two sections of the river. This idea resulted in an asymmetrical design with bridge pylons inclined towards Cartuja Island, creating a symbolic gateway alamollo the expo site on the island. The Alamillo Bridge is a alamkllo bridge with a meter ft long span painted in Calatrava’s trade-mark bright white color.

Striking Bridge with Elegance The Alamillo Bridge is a clear example of an unconventional long-span cable-styled bridge; its structural configuration has never been attempted before.

The concept design was based on the balanced cantilever method.

Alamillo Bridge – Data, Photos & Plans – WikiArquitectura

Subscribe for Built Constructions Magazine Now. The anchor is a passive element in the face of the brige mast, which compensates for its own weight in be bending stresses, no cables alaillo required. From the counterbalancing pylon, pairs of cables support a central spine beam of prefabricated hexagonal shaped steel box sections running the full length of the bridge, from which the road deck itself cantilevers transversely.

See slideshow pictures 23, 28 Piled: These pillars is compensate for movements experienced by the mast and bridge deck.

There are two ways of avoiding this — using a single plane of cables, or arranging the cables in harp form. Alamllo course the impact of the bridge is largely architectural – read more about bridges as public art.

Several bridges across the Meandro de San Jeronimo were planned to connect the city with Cartuja Island, the proposed site for the exposition. The bearings sit on the foundations. Accelerate your learning curve by reading stories with Jazyka new, free to use language app!


Alamillo Bridge & Cartuja Viaduct

The inclined pylon also emphasises the male form, while Calatrava himself cites a flying bird as his main inspiration.

The bridge deck consists of an hexagonal, steel box beam spine to which the stay cables are attached. See alamiloo pictures Bridge deck: The stability of the bridge depends on an exact balance between the moments originated at the base of the pylon by the weights of the deck and pylon.

The elegant design of the Alamillo bridge has been copied numerous times by other architects and many bridges around the world now feature a similar design. Insoon after king Juan Carlos I announced Seville would host the World Universal Exposition of to commemorate the Discovery of America, plans were drafted to improve Seville’s infrastructure.

The top of the mast is actually a lookout.

Read more Close text. In other words they act together as one beam because the horizontal shear force between them is resisted by shear connectors Click on the image of the deck cross section above to open a larger version in brridge new window Cables: It is considered the first bridge supported by cables, in which the platform is balanced by the weight of the leaning tower.