Don’t miss this timely contemporary young adult novel from Alex Flinn, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Beastly, about a teenage boy’s struggle to. It was only a slap. Well, maybe more than one. And maybe Nick used his fist at the end when the anger got out of control. But his girlfriend Caitlin deserved. Look for Diva, the sequel to Breathing Underwater. Breathing Underwater’s Honors and Awards “Alex Flinn is not yet a staple of young adult literature.

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Sep 10, Reagan rated it it was amazing. But I think it also provides a lesson into how important it is to take responsibility for ones actions, and then start the process of being able to move forward.

She said it was really good so I flinnn to read it.

Breathing Underwater

Then, I read a lot of young-adult novels by writers I admired. I’m sure that the author wrote it thinking that if she could make a difference in even one person’s life it would be well worth it. This is not your typical book about abuse because it’s from the abuser’s point of view.

I started writing an early and laughable version of Breathing Underwater in college I was really bored on a car trip with my parents. I understand from a friends review that the author was compelled to write this story after working with battered women and children. It was a good style though it was not as if you were reading a book page by page but instead reading entries from day to day of someones life.


Then he and Caitlin fall in love, and Nick thinks his problems are over.

Breathing Underwater (Breathing Underwater, #1) by Alex Flinn

Nicholas was dating a girl Caitlyn. May 13, Breathimg rated it it was amazing Shelves: Miami-Dade County, Florida We who labor here seek only the truth.

And he never should. The question takes me by surprise. There was no time spent on the change. The book shares how a temper out of control demands self-awareness as results burn down around Nick as he missed Caitlyn. I would underwatsr this book it makes readers want to keep reading and find out how the next event happens.

So this leaves readers who don’t know how to change empty and just like every person who is caught in the abusive cycle It makes me uncomfortable, but that’s a good thing, right? This book was a quick read, but I did have to underwaater a break and put it down for a few minutes at some points because it does get pretty intense and it brought back a lot of unpleasant memories for me.

It seemed to be the type of book that I would naturally not like, even though I just love Alex Flinn’s works. This book makes me a little sick to my stomach. The worst is reading a book and being confused throughout and I cannot say I was confused at all.

Breathing Underwater deals with the serious and all-too-common problem of dating violence. Nick’s character ultimately does this, but it isn’t without reasonable weight that I think will resonate with readers long after they finish underwatter book. I was testing a girl on it and it sounded so intriguing. This is my favorite book I have read so far in my years, and one of the weirdess point of view, A GUY.


Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn | : Books

I loved this book! Some people complain about happy endings, but this book’s ending was bitter sweet, not completely happy. View Full Version of PW. And I have to say, I never really thought of it before. Because he refuses to see the obvious that he needs professional help he continues to make bad choices.

A tissue is offered. Brexthing when his life completely spins out of control does he finally have an “aha” moment and he starts to make the changes necessary to improve his life. That is until he abused his girlfriend. I honestly have no bad remarks about this story.

Sep 06, Ashley rated it liked it. There is a companion to Breathing Underwater, in Caitlin’s viewpoint. Preview — Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn. Feb 07, Ashley rated it really liked it Shelves: If there’s one thing I must say about this novel, it’s that every teenager should read thisboy or girl. I found myself having empathy for the main character even though he had made large mistakes.

Starting to read this book I had a totally different view of what it was going to be about and i’m glad to say that it made me think very differently by the time it was finished. Trivia About Breathing Underwa