Andrew Lahde’s Farewell Letter. Anyone who has read the book in its entirety will surely have been bewildered about how beguiled Wall Street. Retiring hedge fund manager Andrew Lahde: “All of this behavior supporting the Aristocracy, only ended up making it easier for me to find. Andrew Lahde’s goodbye letter (and what’s wrong with our country). One of my next posts, that has been coming together in my head for a.

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I don’t see him not being able to hack it.

The failed condescending tone to his fellow money-grubbing bastards still in darewell game just stinks like a rotten pile of elephant shit. You know, my eyes work pretty great, but whats with the small lettering? Sat Oct 18, 6: There are thousands of guys like this running hedge funds, and I imagine most of them are loudmouth jerks.

Originally posted by Daneel: This guy did the easy part and there is no evidence that his success at the hard part was anything more then luck.

Andrew Lahde’s goodbye letter (and what’s wrong with our country)

Originally posted by Primeous: Unlike alcohol, it does not result in bar fights or wife beating. Punching people in the face is asking for it. Or that marijuana is safer ahdrew alcohol and prescription drugs?! Nor am I writing to make further predictions, as most of my forecasts in previous letters have unfolded garewell are in the process of unfolding.

I’ve worked for these very people, and still do. Without leverage his upside is limited, and there may be downside should housing start to recover. All he letrer now ketter some tasty waves, and a cool buzz, and he’s fine He did what is so rarely seen in the world of unbounded avarice: For years, the OCC examined the books of national banks to make sure they were balanced, an important but uncontroversial function.


He also said that marijuana is only kept illegal because “Corporate America, which owns Congress, would rather sell you PaxilZoloftXanaxand other addictive drugs, than allow you to grow a plant in your home without some of the profits going into their coffers.

Yes, I’m in a bad mood today.

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No, that would be alcohol, which is so heavily advertised in this country. Andy Springer and his company will be handling the dissolution of the fund. That is fine; I am content with my rewards. Government, and then promptly made illegal after the war was won.

May contain trolling” Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: Jan 30, Posts: Soros should be able to handle most of it. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me!

Hope they like each other’s company. At a time when rhetoric is flying about becoming more self-sufficient in terms of energy, why is it illegal to grow this plant in this country? Sat Oct 18, 9: Simply stating an opinion does not automatically equal that ones feels that their opinion is more valid than others.

Soros got as rich as he is by gambling his whole fortune a couple of times e. What the guy did was nothing special, required no super insight, other than riding a wave.

I don’t want to laugh at all of you who lost money, but I have to say, bwahahahahahasuckers. It’s a system that feeds on itself since people who only value qualifications can only judge people by them, and have no idea what people can actually do. So yeah, just more hubris from a hedgie. I could do it too Idealistic, ultimately unreasonable points, but valid ones. So, why is this innocuous plant illegal? Jun 9, Posts: He didn’t have the “pedigree” but he made his way and is checking out.


Andrew Lahde – Wikipedia

But the unanimous opposition of the 50 states did not deter, or even slow, the Bush administration in its goal of protecting the banks. Unfortunately as someone else mentioned, his farewell message about the faulty system will have more of an impact because of the number of chips that he is cashing in. Originally posted by Happysin: Our policies have other countries literally laughing at our stupidity, most notably Canada, as well as several European nations both Eastern and Western.

And as for him being a minor player in a small hedge fund in an obscure corner of the market. I now have time to repair my health, which was destroyed by the stress I layered onto myself over the past two years, as well as my entire life — where I had to compete for spaces in universities and graduate schools, jobs and assets under management — with those who had all the advantages rich parents that I did not. The evil female plant — marijuana.

Appointments back to back, booked solid for the next three months, they look forward to their two week vacation in January during which they will likely be glued to their Blackberries or other such devices. Anyway, if you want to contact me, don’t bother. Maybe even a B hole.

The passion and dedication he puts forth is just unmatched from what I’ve seen in my 10 years in this industry. Oct 6, Posts: It’s a zero sum game either way. Archived from the original lftter 20 October So good luck with all that Face it, they all work hard, all the time.