The basic definition of what is an ethical dilemma is anything that seems to violate one of these six AOTA Code of Ethics principles, or anything. Study Flashcards On AOTA Code of Ethics: 7 Principles at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the . Preamble. The Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics (Code) of the American Occupational Therapy Association. (AOTA) is designed to.

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This document is heavily principle-based, with references to beneficence, nonmalificence, and justice, as well as fidelity and veracity. We must address language barriers as it is so important to our eethics. The American Occupational Therapy Association and its component members are committed to furthering people’s ability to function fully within their total environment.

Occupational ethifs practitioners pf record and report in an accurate and timely manner all information related to professional activities. We take care of everyone else, and sometimes the person that we take care of the least is ourselves. Occupational therapy practitioners shall provide appropriate supervision to individuals for whom the practitioners have supervisory responsibility in accordance with Association policies, local, state and federal laws, and institutional values.

This also includes all policies and procedures in our individual facilities, county regulations, and federal regulations related to safety and to third-party reimbursement. Third-party reimbursement policies are sometimes arbitrary and cause some distress. Reasonable people can disagree Productivity standards for OTs are high OTs are confronted daily with the need for ethical decision-making Reasonable people can disagree, and that is ok.

We also need to respect the client’s right to refuse treatment. Moral Courage To combat moral tension, you need moral courage. Now, this is a tall order. Occupational therapy practitioners aotta obtain informed consent from participants involved in research activities and indicate that they have fully informed and advised the participants of potential risks and outcomes.

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A more recent code was adopted in And many times, OTs are the ones that end up doing fun activities with staff like bowling ethcis going to a baseball game. The presentation is geared for OT practitioners who work with older adults with mental health conditions including dementia. It requires us cdoe not use inappropriate or outdated tests, which is part of the big requirement of using evidence-based practice and intervention and updated therapeutic equipment.

And if there is anything that really pulls OTs cpde, it is this. If you have this stance of being truthful, then you never have to worry that you are keeping something from somebody, especially your clients. Symptoms It can lead to: We all know that OTs are really skilled at motivating clients and making what we are doing in treatment engaging. According to your style and within the confines of your comfort level, the problems encountered during the day stay with you vode they go away.

Our clients are also enormously complex with multiple needs. Occupational therapy practitioners shall fully inform the service recipients of the nature, risks, and potential outcomes of any interventions. We should treat clients, colleagues, and other professionals with respect, fairness, discretion, and integrity. Why Is This Topic Important? Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. To this end the occupational therapist renders service to clients in all stages of health and illness, to institutions, to other professionals and colleagues, to students, and to the general public.

Moral Distress-arises when one knows the morally right thing to do, but cannot act because of organizational constraints.

Love is the highest level of affection. The highlights of justice are promoting advocacy, speaking ethisc, being knowledgeable, and broadening our perspective of what occupational sthics is. There also may be some convicting values between you and your client and between you and the other staff. When occupational therapy practitioners set fees, they shall set fees considering institutional, local, state, and federal requirements, and with due regard for the service recipient’s ability to pay.

That is easy to understand. A strong backbone does not come from a place of power or from a place of being a know-it-all, it comes from caring.


Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics |

These include policies and procedures created by the American Occupational Therapy Association, licensing and regulatory bodies, employers, agencies, certification boards, and other organizations who have jurisdiction over occupational therapy practice.

Often, scenarios, as I described, can accumulate and cause anxiety and burnout. Rather than thinking, we are all one big melting pot and a big middle class, inequities exist. Occupational therapy personnel shall take reasonable precautions to avoid imposing or inflicting harm upon the recipient of services or to his or her property. But what I wanted to sort of impress on you is that there might be some very surprising requirements in the nuances of each code of ethics and some of this might surprise you.

I have done a lot of this in my work as an OT, and nothing has given me more satisfaction or success. These principles to which occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants aspire are part of a lifelong effort to act in aotaa ethical manner.


Jane also volunteers at a low income legal clinic. Occupational therapy practitioners shall accept the responsibility for their professional actions which reduce the public’s trust in occupational therapy cdoe and those that perform those services. Any action in violation of the spirit and purpose of this Code shall be considered unethical.

We might be smiling all day, but we are not really as engaged or have a lack a focus. Identify and fully disclose to all appropriate persons when there is something that needs to be disclosed, and any errors or adverse events that compromise aaota safety of service recipients.

Fidelity The last principle is fidelity. Mostly, we feel ethical dilemmas in our heart.