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It will be much larger on the night side of the nucleus.

approximation file morvan3 PDFs / eBooks

This is because the internal energy of a solid can be modeled as lattice vibrations and can be analyzed using the theory of harmonic oscillators. They show that at low pres- sures it is almost constant and close to 0.

It can be active, dormant, or extinct, while an asteroid is a body formed in a region between Mars and Jupiter McFadden et al. Moreover, Seiferlin et al.

Achim Enzian was an active member of this team. This is the reason for the importance attached to the early evolution of comet nuclei at large distances from the Sun, which determines the interior conditions of comet nuclei when they enter the inner planetary system and become active. It must also be remembered that there can be no dust-free comets. Dust particles are needed as condensation nuclei for the ices before comet formation.

Although laboratory experiments confirm that this process occurs Sandford et al.


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Several reasons for the outbursts and splitting have been proposed, but the causes are less certain. They then effuse, i. Morva3.dvi water ice is formed when water molecules condense at low temperatures but rapidly so that they do not have the opportunity to reorient themselves, i.

A great simplification for calculating gas densities and fluxes may be achieved by replacing the gas pressures by their saturation values, which are functions of the temperature. On the other hand, the enrichment of material in deeper layers — one major result of the KOSI experiments — can be recognized in the modeling results of comet nuclei and it may be an important factor in the observed gas flux of minor volatiles in comets.

This calculation also shows that for a given pore size, the maximal depth at which the internal pressure exceeds the tensile strength increases by a factor of 3, as the bulk density increases by a factor of spproximation. Such a mean free path implies that the particles are touching each other, and so this should be the porosity of a medium like sand. While the bond albedo is a consensus approximstion observations, it is not much lower than what was predicted from the interstellar dust model based on the very porous character of the approximarion Greenberg, Also, particles are nonspherical and a more realistic treatment of their entrainment by gas should consider their ratio of cross section per unit mass see Section 3.

We illustrate determination of porosity from a approximtion material structure with a few simple examples. As noted by Haruyama et al. Thus, volatiles will tend to sublimate from convex particle surfaces and tend to recondense on concave areas where omrvan3.dvi are in contact with each other.

For practi- cal applications, conduction can morvzn3.dvi considered as a problem of conductance or resistance, which leads to the electric analogy of a network of resistors in series and mogvan3.dvi parallel.

The inactivity can be caused by low insolation at large heliocentric distance, so that the sublimation of ices is thermodynamically not possible. In these cases the moevan3.dvi is the same as for asteroid spin studies.

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This leads to chemical differentiation of surface layers of the nucleus and to a change in the mixing ratios of vapours in the coma as a function of heliocentric dis- tance. From the outset, we want to emphasize that these models are not restricted to comet nuclei.

The structure of dust particles, probably composed of smaller interstellar grains, is an inferred property. If the size of dust particles remains unchanged i.

Physical Processes in Comet Nuclei and temperature at the two boundaries, and can be written as see, e.

The compressive strength of a grain aggregate is shown in Fig. The green line represents the Monte Carlo fractal model. Although the unperturbed mantle may have a higher porosity than the average value for the bulk material in the nucleus, blocking of pores as discussed in Section 3.

In order to draw conclusions about the interior of the nucleus, models must be used that describe the transport of gases and solids to the surface and that simulate the dynamical and chemical processes in the coma. On Earth it occurs only in the crystalline phase, but in the astrophysical domain it may occur in a metastable state called the amorphous phase. Perhaps something between the two will be a useful compromise value.

Making this assumption, the results of the analyses are given in Table 2. As before, pores and particles may be interchanged. Note that the temperature distribu- tion is shown down to a depth of 3 m at perihelion, and 80 m at aphelion.