Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and South-East it comes from and – as Joe Studwell shows – how destructive it can be. Asian Godfathers. Joe Studwell. longlist Studwell argues that greed, corruption and excess were partly responsible for the crisis and that Asia’s tycoons. Compre o livro Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia na : confira as ofertas para por Joe Studwell ( Autor).

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Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and South East Asia by Joe Studwell

A complex mythology surrounds them, one which inf The economies of Hong Kong and south-east Asia are dominated by only forty or fifty families. Nov 25, Erwin rated it really liked it Recommends it for: This is the ugly truth of most of the so-called Godfathers’ wealth in South East Asia. Aug 27, Dominic Wong rated it it was amazing. Import substitution produced large bodfathers, but it did not achieve the objective of making local businesses originate internationally competitive manufactures.

Aeian from a Blue Plastic Table is a memoir of avid street-food-diner-turned-blogger Graham Holliday. Is there any chance I would make these at home? But nothing is as straightforward as it first seems.

A great piece for those that are trying to understand the who’s who of Asia. In this regard, Studwell can see the genie coming out the bottle in certain places. Beberapa nama yang lain, nama-nama dari LN ntu ada yang tahu dan pernah dengar sih, tetapi tetap saja beda gregetnya dengan membaca taipan-taipan ‘bermasalah’ yang sekarang ada di ‘sana’.

Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and South East Asia

Drawing on a vast array of resources, and writing evocatively, Strangio creates a colourful and multi-layered portrait of Cambodia godfatherz will add to the knowledge of even the most avid kingdom-watcher. The book is too dense and trying to cover too many things. Listen to the city.

Yes, the godfathers do steal, bribe, rob, transgress, and exploit, but they do so within a preset legal and executive systemic political players that enable A book about the rich and famous that really contains a story about South East Asia. The interesting part is the analysis on what are the core cash flows from the individual tycoons and how they’ve survived the 97 asian financial crisis.


I learned a lot from this book, through the stories of the godfathers, more about contemporary Southeast Asia and its modern history. Dec 12, William Beesley rated it really liked it. Hong Kong and Southeast Asia are home to five hundred million people, yet their economies are dominated by only fifty families whose interests range from banking to real estate, shipping to sugar, gambling to lumber. Combines brilliant commentary and analysis with rarely seen moderation in argument and perspectives.

In retrospect that would certainly undermine the author’s aim of debunking the myth of lionized individuals in Asian road to riches, which made this book unique and hard to put down under any circumstances Reading this aft Combines brilliant commentary and analysis with rarely seen moderation in argument and perspectives. Studwell is well-researched and has clearly thought out how best to map out his arguments whilst covering macro- and micro-level accounts of the intersection between public, private, and political godfather economics and kleptocracy in Southeast Asia.

It focuses on the shifting fortunes of a non-Burman family swept up in the turmoil, as they take advantage of the good times and face tragedy during the bad. Paperbackpages. It’ll be interesting to see what happens after these godfathers pass away, seeing that most of their children are incapable of leading an enterprise like their fathers did.

Firstly, they have served South-East Asia and China as parasitic offshore asset dtudwell hideaways. Jet Li poses for photo with daughters in rare glimpse into private life.

Most Popular Viewed 1. Some of the bigger names you may have heard of include Hong Kong property magnate Li Godfarhers and Malaysian hotels and plantations boss Robert Kuok. Among those on the list, at one hand there’s a group of billionaires that Stuudwell Trump called “the lucky sperm club”, those who were born into an already wealthy dynasty like the billionaire children of Wall-Mart founder Sam Walton. Hong Kong and Singapore are the Switzerland of Asia, providing offshore financial services to the rest of the region.

Another [direct competitor], described as ‘a cobra’, recently sent a box of chocolates to one of the godfather’s sons. In the end, having the right idea at the right jod and place, with the right entrepreneurial zest are studwwell crucially important. The author of How Asia Works follows the money. If you weren’t already jaded, it may turn you for good – same conclusion for me, these are markets to trade rather than invest in.


But Afterland by Mai Der Vang is an extraordinary collection of powerful poems that excavate the humanity of those shudwell up in the war and the subsequent exodus of someHmong refugees to the United States. In South-East Asia, by contrast, land remained concentrated on the wealthy few i.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. No nation can become wealthy without indigenously shudwell productivity improvements and research. It was published nearly a decade ago but remains painfully relevant and contemporary, which is not something that can be said of most titles about Asian political economies in general.

I personally had a hard time keeping track of all the names good God Thailandbut the snappy and concise writing made this a good read. Yah, tetapi yang satu ini memang diluar kewajaran sih.

Essentially a who’s – who introduction to the modern history of South Sudwell Asian tycoons. Not all the information are new but a good collection of all the rumors and news you’ll hear about the Asian tycoons. Artists and the Last Age of the Exotic is a romp through a bygone era, studying the lives of six artists who left their homelands to pursue creativity elsewhere.

Bangkok set to sparkle Sponsored by: Argentina was one of the richest countries at the beginning of the 20th century due its wealth from beef exports.

The “Godfathers” of South-East Asia like to portray themselves as Horatio Algerbut they were either born into or married into wealth, and parlayed it into far larger sums. Where are you from? Most of the concessions available are sthdwell related casions, lotteries but if you look carefully, there are concessions available everywhere. Will be reading a lot more on certain places and people thanks to this experience.