What if all your wishes could come true? Blink your eyes, drink a fizzing pink potion, and poof! Life is perfect. That’s Rachel’s situation. Except she’s not the one. Although its premise is not altogether original, Mlynowski’s (Milkrun) novel starring a teenage witch, told from the point of view of her. From the New York Times bestselling author of the Whatever After series, the first book in the hilariously bewitching Magic in Manhattan series!.

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I think that this book is similar to another book i read which is called Tr Rachel is the main character in this book.

Probably because they’re hilarious. Feb 22, Minutes Young Adult. She has other priorities—boys, bras, popularity and evil stepmothers. Her books are hilarious. More By and About This Author. Rachel demonstrates her lack of maturity throughout the book, making us all glad that she did not, in fact, get magical powers.

But so is dancing without looking like she’s being electrocuted, winning back her best friend, stopping her dad’s wedding, and finding a date for Spring Fling.

This book is chaos—the entertaining sort. Along with Lauren Myracle and E.

Bras & Broomsticks : Sarah Mlynowski :

Rachel and Miri make great sisters, the broomsticjs Rachel gets herself into are hilarious, and the overall feeling is braz life is hard, but sometimes you just have to deal with it. Lots of conniving and manipulation and lies, then it all falls apart, girl left with only her wits and a lot of apologies to make all around. Sometimes I ask myself why I like Sarah mlynowskis books. Things don’t work out exactly as planned, though, the way things tend to do when you mess with the powers that be.


Trite, predictable, and with a main character so shallow that if you filled her with water, you couldn’t get a puddle out of the deal. Rachel bothered me at times but the laughs that I had while reading the whole series made it all worth while! Jun 13, Pages Young Adult. Blink your eyes, drink a fizzing pink potion, and poof! I did think t What a humorous book! I really liked Rachel as the main character and Miri is quite possibly the coolest young witch around.


Since the beginning I never really saw what they disliked about her, like they said she was evil but she never really acted evil.

Rachel amd be, without any doubt, the most selfish girl ever – But she does indeed have some hilarious thoughts about her life, boys and her friends – Such a great book, can’t wait to read the rest the books!!

The main character also wants to get rid of a STB and it works. It’s not as I can identify with the main character. This was an extremely fun and super funny read or, listen, because I audiobook-ed itand just an all around good time. I read this book back to back bromsticks the sequel.

Oh, the horror, the unfairness, the indignity! Annd, I thought the trick of narrating the story from the sister of the witch rather than the one with powers was clever.

Jun 06, Arminzerella rated it did not like it Shelves: Flash forward a lot of years to now. Despite my major criticisms, I am giving this book a two and not a one because it was fairly entertaining, and it gave me a new and different reading experience hating the main character. I think that Miri is a great sister, she really cares for her sister and would do anything to make her happy.


And as Rachel would tell you, spellbooks are wasted on the young! It is definitely a light read and somewhat predictable, but I thought it was well written and that Rachel, the main character, was likable and easy to relate to. Things which include, with a little bit of nudging from Rachel, giving her big sister a dancing-is-my-friend spell, getting their dad to break up with STBSM, and banishing pimples from their lives once and for all.

Except she’s not the one who suddenly has magical powers. Even though I don’t have much in common with Rachel, I can still identify with her.

The fact that these girls are quite young and navigating this new world although Rachel is doing it though Miri made it even more funny because the problems they saw as so big were not nearly so big. She nagged them a lot, but everything she nagged them about made sense, like for Miri to not bite her nails. And so now here I am, years later, finally starting this series from the top!

I think it is written for a much younger audience, maybe middle grade, but I’ll be reading the rest of this series. Her mind is nowhere I ever want to be again. Return to Book Page. I also personally know what it is like to go your whole life not being nagged about something, and then feeling offended when someone has the audacity to nag you about it. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

What a humorous book!