Caldari COSMOS by Jowen Datloran. Okkelen constellation. Introduction. My aim with this guide is to provide a thoroughly description of all available agent. The Caldari COSMOS constellation can raise faction standings from to over unmodified with no additional storyline missions run. Are they especially difficult or do they require special skills or ships above cruisers? Other than the standings requirement of course.

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Plus its the only way to get to Otomainen which is where the most profitable agents and complexes are located. They’re a bit old but the majority of the missions are still the same. Contested Guristas Outrider Post. Video Interviews, Documentaries and Films. My guide is spreadsheet based so its filterable by caldarj, system, level, standings increase and rewards.

In my humble opinion the only way to make your Caldari Cosmos Guide better would be to combine the spreadsheet guide with the mission briefings. Corporations and Alliances Summit. Jita Park Speakers Corner.

It also includes a Standings Planner tab so you can input your current Social and Connections level, along with the standings increase you’ll get from running these missions, so you can see where your standings will be if you are aiming for a goal.


Retrieved from ” https: All rights are reserved worldwide. Trades, trades and more trades. This also means you can edit it as you desire since we all have our own notes and information we fosmos for ourselves. I like how it lists the agents name down in the left corner when viewing the briefing. Out of Pod Experience.

Caldari COSMOS

This guide pairs well with Jowen Datloran’s guidewhich has details about the encounter missions and is well put together. Views View View source History. Features and Ideas Discussion. Previous Topic Next Topic. Search EVE-Online forums for: Most courier missions can be done in an assault frig, though may require cargo expanders.

Now if you decide to also run the other Cosmos Agents, hopefully you’ll make guides for those as well. Alliance and Corporation Recruitment Center.

EVE Search – Caldari COSMOS Guide

I’m mostly looking for one that lists what assets you must acquire and where to get them from. Kochi Utrainen and Akira Helkelen. Republic University Minmatar Republic 63, This article is a stub.

Actually ‘The Plan’ just has links to various guides which sorta have a ‘Shopping List’. But here’s the list I came up with. CCP is in no way responsible for the content on or functioning of this website, nor can it be liable for any damage arising from the misslons of this website.


Caldari COSMOS Guide

This also means you can edit it as you desire since we all have our own notes and information we add for ourselves. It includes shopping lists for all the cosmos missions. Very nice and thanks for posting your guide.

Views Comos Edit View history. It’s really not worth it unless you are in a hurry and just want the standings increase. Revelations Testing and Development. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Thanks for the compliment. Battlecruisers are generally the preferred ship to generate isk, though an assault frig will not have to worry about gate restrictions.

The ones that I’m able to find are rather aged. For the 2 agents in Ihakana. Personal tools Log in. The new forums are live and can be found at https: The quantity of a few items were wrong, probably just a typo. There’s been way too much ‘Instant Gratification’ and ‘Easy Mode’ incorporated into this game already. I havent done the Akemon Tolan mission yet as I need to get some higher standings but his implant, HG is worth even missiions