Alex Ross on the influence of Carl Schorske and his book “Fin-de-Siècle Vienna.”. A Pulitzer Prize Winner and landmark book from one of the truly original scholars of our time: a magnificent revelation of turn-of-the-century Vienna where. Fin-de-Siècle Vienna has ratings and 49 reviews. Miriam said: This reads more like a collection of topical essays than a book — because, in fact.

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Carl Schorske has created a monumental work of careful scholarship. I saw schorsje their eyes, I give you a bow Carl for giving me the opportunity to read such a tremendously captivating book.

Jan 02, Maggie Roessler rated it liked it Recommended to Maggie by: He died in at the age of Given that he’s exploring turn of the century Vienna, it’s almost inevitable that Sdhorske analysis of the psyche relies to some extent on a Freudian interpretation of the mind, but the general concepts he presents are still valid and intriguing.

Both brought about anti-Semitism which beget Zionism through a pretty interesting path of Theodore Herzl. Inhe was one of 10 “great teachers” pictured on the cover of Time magazine. Parts of it are actually schoeske interesting especially the essays on the transformation of Austrian politics from a liberal democracy to populist demagoguery at the end of the century. Books by Carl E.

Apr 06, Andy Oram rated it viena was amazing Shelves: It was written by an academic for history students or other people with some background, so even though Schorske uses an engaging style, be prepared for some complex phrasing and references to canonical culture of the West.

Schorske offers something for everybody: As a result it is not always intellectually smooth, but many of the chapters are brilliant and Schorske has unusually vivid prose for an academic. By using our website you agree to our sieclw of cookies.

Vienna had kept its huge city walls long after other major cities had razed theirs. Aug 22, Alex Zakharov rated it really liked it. This book is the place to start for an understanding of the culture of this era. For instance, in writing on Varl Medicine, a painting the features the Greek goddess Hygeia holding a snake as is traditionalhe notes: Politics and Culture is a transdisciplinary non-fiction book written by cultural historian Carl E. Better yet, it provides an in-depth vienja at how certain individuals of this class began to search for new meaning in the world during the failure of classical liberalism.


If so, it hardly seems obvious. There is no real engagement with turn of the century Viennese philosophy Ernst Mach or economics Bohm-Bawerkfor example. You can rin Wikipedia by expanding it.

I mean, I know Klimt and Freud, but beyond that. Book ratings by Goodreads. I did hear many schorse from students that the book was much too hard for the level course this was a low level undergraduate course and I doubt I would use the book as the text were I to teach this fun course again.

Fin De Siecle Vienna

We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Nationalists were threatening the unity of the empire through disintegration, Zionists through secession. Craig, The New Republic “A profound work I know that my views on this book will either strike others as foolish – or even MARK me and my limitations for all to see — and I accept that. In other words, for all the work at reading this, I got little nourishment, and effectively decided to move on.

Politics and the Psyche: In particular, it borrowed from the aristocracy’s conservatism, as response to the liberalism earlier in the century.

Everytime I read an essay in this book I have to get my graduate school mind back. Thus in his own way he was himself anti-Semitic. The empire itself continued to decline and shortly ceased to even exist as a formal legal body though in many ways it is still alive, if struggling to remain so, in the tiny piece of the empire which survives as contemporary Austria.

Unlike Jacobs, however, Sitte’s critique was rooted in an artistic and historic ideology, rather than one based on personal experience with modernist planning. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


Carl Schorske not only documents and details the story of the rise to glory of this Viennese version of modernism, but creates an historical photo of a period which strongly suggests the coming horrors of the period which follows just a few short years after this period comes to an end.

Sep 06, Arjen Taselaar rated it it was amazing. Schorske argues that Lueger was not particularly an anti-Semite himself, but that since it fit the politics of the time he readily embraced it as a political stance along with the anti-Slavic policies which Schonerer embraced, but dreamed of a revitalized Habsburg empire and not a pan-German state.

The last few essays drag, however.

Fin De Siecle Vienna : Carl E. Schorske :

This conservatism was in stark contrast to America’s progressive Bohemianism. I suppose it is possible to get those ideas out of the book, but it is not obvious; for me, the reads have been disappointing, the mechanisms and community sketches obscure. As points of stability were eroded in the areas of politics, art and culture the psyche of the nation was disintegrating along with the rest of it.

For me, as someone who is not an expert in turn-of-the-century German or Hapsburg history, a viennz of the references are obscure. Both left their marks on architecture early, and luckily neither virnna took his vision to its full fruition as most their later and more radical designs never made it siecoe proposal state.

Chapter 3 sets the tone for the critical destruction of liberalism of which I spoke above. In so doing they created a phenomenal milieu of high culture and models of a new society which would blend with the rise of modernism in other parts of Europe.

Moderately interesting Enough information to warrant reading, but not so much as to be wonderful.