Title: CORMORAN – Catalogo Ingles, Author: JOHNNY LARRI, Name: CORMORAN for below reels Axos 12PiF Axos 12PiF Axos 12PiF This sunny self-catering apartment is top class and offers guests direct access to the walkway and beach itself. Enquire online today for more information!. 30 31 32 33 SPECIAL REELS A REEL CONCEPT OF IT`S OWN Braided lines are ideally for the AXOS 12PiF as it shows a real power.

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Features like the wooden handle knob or the aluminium drag knob refer to the inner qualities of this reel. Quickly and precisely adjustable drag on the backside of the reel.

The star drag is large and easy to set and axls responsible for a ultra-smooth running of the line. This setting is used while fishing with rather open drag and the drag power shall be increased. Cormoarn 6PiF is a relible partner for many years of fishing and is suitable for pike, zander, perch and trout. Many cormran know about the advantages of a multiplier reel for boat fishing and large catfish. The function of the fighting drag is an important advantage when fighting the dream fish.

Light floats and heavy feeders can be cast troublefree. Very comfortable and easy to use. The special Super Jet construction allows exciting casting distances. Post on Mar views. The line lay and casting accuracy of the X-MM is extremely good and convinces fully. The power gear is made from brass and stainless steel and originates like the drag from our corkoran reels.

Multi disk spool drag is xxos sensitive and presicely adjustable. High Class fighting drag reel! The double handle ensures a very smooth running without vibrations due to the better balance. Low-Power Setting Push the fighting drag lever to the left of the the middle position and adjust the drag with the drag knob. The quality features of this free spool set does not need redundant ornaments and cotmoran on the necessary things to fish successfully with the free spool reel: If you look at the details, each part of this reel convinces – especially if you look at the price.


The double handle ensures a very smooth rotation without vibrations what is is more joyful when fishing with light tackle. The rear drag is oversized to provide perfect drag function. A well done economic reel with great features and superb design. By using the free spool lever the pirk will immediately drop to the bottom without having to open the bail.

Reel AxosPiF Cormoran (, , ) –

The cormiran spool sizes cover all kinds of spin, bottom and float fishing. Very modern design and excep-tional features. Features a super long, forged aluminium spool and great winding power. Less than one rotation of the drag is needed to achieve a complete loose axs to maximum drag power. The reel with never ending power.

The saltwater resistant construction is a must for seafishing anglers, for spin fishing in fresh water an additional benefit and a warranty for exceptional quality.

Constructed like a multiplier reel but hanging downwards like a fixed spool, it does not need a special rod.

Ideal Feeder fishing reel. It can be adjusted quickly and presicely by 6 different setting points. The body and the rotor are made of a light weight, solid aluminium alloy and is specially surface treated against rust and other corroding influences.

Êàòóøêà Cormoran Red Master 8PiF

Turn the fighting drag completly to the right Now you have a normal setting of the drag. Fly reelModern Large Arbor fly reel with a stainless steel shaft. Free spool reel with best features.

But this reel is not only well for coarse fishing but also comes more and more into plcae for specialized trout fishing with sbirolinos as it copes with very thin lines and supports long distnace casts. The free-spool facility can be cormorah in a wide range- fishing in strong current or on long distance is therefore troublefree and easy.


A saltwater resistant body completes this wonderful piece for sea fishing. Our small one among the reels.

Great design and reliable quality. This reel enables never-tiring fishing and guarantees fighting the fish without any risks caused by material failures.

Ideal for pike, perfect for feeder fishing and especially suited cirmoran seabass, when long distance casts are essential. They are used in all our saltwater resistant reels.

The spool drag works precisely and is finely adjustable and the gearing runs smoothly – in this price category totally new! These reels are very trendy – great design, reliable quality, outstanding price. That is an important aspect for a multiplier reel for seafishing. This reel includes everything and offers the competence to fight a real big fish. Very reliable reel and specially made for surf casting.

In combination with the large Super Jet long cast spool the rear drag works perfectly and is easy to adjust with the oversize drag knob.

Specially designed for carp fishing. Delivered with deep aluminium spool.

Reel Axos-12PiF Cormoran (2000, 2500, 3000)

Put the drag lever down the spool is set free. This new carp free spool reel takes this challenge and copes easily with unpredictable situations fighting huge carp and pike. Both sizes are left hand versions3 Steel ball bearings Robust wear-resistant body Line counter system Precise durable gearing Permanent anti-reverse – click-sound adjustableMulti disc star drag Automatic level wind Set-free lever for the spool Aluminium spool, saltwater resistant Art.

Innovative technique, great design and with an exceptional price-quality ratio.