Cours et TD: FSDM Fès. K likes. ici vous trouverez tout les td et cours des professeurs à la Faculté des sciences dhar el mehraz. Module: Chimie descriptif SMC S3 (Cours). By SMC: Sciences des matiéres chimies / Ismail El Karibi · Updated about a year ago. Chapitre 1: l’Hydrogéne. November 9, ·. Tous Les Cours+TD+TP Corrigé SMP S3 /users/saidfsdmfes//S3%20SMP · No automatic alt text available.

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Indiem containing compounds Cristallogrraphie State Communications, 7 Occurrence of Cs Cl-type phases and related distorted structures in alloys of transition metals Transactions of the Metallurgical Society of Aime, A study of some palladium-scandium, -zirconium and -gadolinium alloys Journal of the Less-Common Metals, 18 Ueber Struktur und Eigenschaften der Halbmetalle. The stereochemistry of organomercury compounds II.

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Module : Chimie descriptif SMC S3 ( Cours)

Effets magnetostrictifs spontanes de quelques composes de terres rares. Etude cristallographique des systemes formes entre les seleniures L2Se3 des terres rares et le seleniure d’argent Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l’Academie des Sciences, Serie C, Sciences Chimiques, The crystal structure of a new copper wolfram oxide, Cu3 W O6 Acta Chemica Scandinavica ,, 23 Further refinement of the structure of W O3 Acta Crystallographica B 24,, 25 Structural and magnetic properties of the pseudobinary system Zr1-x Nbx Fe2 Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 27 Structural analyses of tetracobalt dodecacarbonyl and tetrarhodium dodecacarbonyl.

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On the polymorphism of tantalum diselenide Journal of the Less-Common Metals, 17 Magneto-volume effect of the interant-electron antiferromatgnet Cr B2 Poroshkovaya Metallurgiya, 8 Die Kristallstruktur von Rubidium-monothioperrhenat Zeitschrift fuer Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie, Phase investigation in the system zirconium-tungsten Journal of the Less-Common Metals, 17 The crystal structure of alpha-Cd P2 Acta Crystallographica B 24,, 25 Kristallstruktur von Ni13 Ga9 und zwei Isotypen.

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