· Metal Restoration and Cleaning. Back to Top of Page. Division 6, Wood and Plastics. · Basic Wood and Plastic Materials and Methods. CSI Master Format Residential Specification. Contracting Officer Division 01 00 General Requirements. Division 02 00 Existing Conditions. MasterFormat™ MasterFormat™ Division 00 – Procurement and Contracting Requirements. Construction CSI suggests some Level 4 numbers.

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Archived from the original on 22 March For example, data slots for lightning protection, fire suppression, and detection and alarm were contained in Division 13 Cxi Construction instead of Division 15 Mechanical or Division 16 Electrical because Division 13 had room.

Design professionals today must produce construction documents divisikns unprecedented breadth and depth; more owners want facilities that are “green,” and meeting the demands of energy codes requires coordination of large amounts of often diverse information.

With its edition, MasterFormat saw the biggest rewrite in its history.

It adds up to enhanced communication among the diverse players who deliver increasingly complex buildings. SectionFormat is a standard for organizing information within each Section. That section has no additional data slots. The Keyword Index lists terms and recommends section numbers for them. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


CSI MasterFormat™ Division List

It follows recognized information classification principles. SpecsIntact Specifications Kept Intactis an automated specification processing system for preparing certain government facility construction projects using standard master specifications, called Master Text or Masters, supplied by each of three government agencies. A global switch rearranges specs per the or editions. Views Read Edit View history.

This subgroup expands MasterFormat to cover site and heavy civil projects. The industry is evolving too fast for that. In addition to providing for more detail, MasterFormat Edition has moved data slots for certain other types of insulation for more meaningful organization. It has been revised already.

Owners are attracted to the new edition because its expanded scope provides for project performance specifications. This subgroup expands MasterFormat to address manufacturing, water and wastewater treatment, power generation and other types of process engineering projects.


Divisions are in five subgroups: Standardizing the presentation of such information improves communication among all parties involved in construction projects. Master Guide Spec Systems Converting By the end ofseveral providers of master guide specifications systems plan to have revised their products to conform to MasterFormat Edition.

Follow Us On Twitter http: That led to errors, omissions and rework. MasterFormat TM Edition provides the means to meet these challenges. MasterFormat users have several tools available with the new edition for transitioning from a previous version.


Such Band-Aid approaches resulted in misplaced or missing project information.

MasterFormat Edition – Insulation Outlook

For more information about MasterFormat Edition or to buy a copy, go to www. MasterFormat is used throughout the construction industry to format specifications for construction contract documents. It maintains organizational consistency and minimizes change where the previous structure is still adequate. Each Division masterforamt subdivided into a number of Sections. General An increase to 50 divisions from And it goes beyond buildings to address horizontal construction, such as roads, rail and utilities.

And CSI is developing a process so that as changes come about, section and division numbers will be added continuously. And adding to the congestion were new priorities for buildings. This divisiins was last edited on 1 Augustat A new section-numbering system using six digits in pairs, instead of five digits, that expands more than a hundredfold the level 3 sections possible in each division.

In NovemberMasterFormat expanded from 16 Divisions to 50 Divisionsreflecting innovations in the construction industry and expanding the coverage to a larger part of the construction industry.