Filtered by: Reino Unido – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza. Social Security .. Adopción: | GBRR This Ordinance transfers . S — Enchiridion Militis Christiani, is Mogunt. 1 De Absoluto Reprobations Decreto, Verfio ex Anglico ib. — Menafleh Ben Israel de. 1 TV Angop; Photos. International Highlight: George Weah set up Government. International Highlight: Liberian ruling Unity Party.

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Part II provides for particular terms of employment. Health and Medicines Northern Ireland Order Amends Schedule 4 to Regulations of the same name ofin respect of certain provisions relating to mines and quarries.

Know about our Commercial Contact. All shipments travel insured with our couriers: This Order provides for contributions, liability to maintain children, benefits under the Social Security Northern Ireland Actincome-related benefits, up-rating, information and adjudication, and occupational and personal pensions.

The Regulations also concern occupational safety and health in dock work. The government minister, who is accompanied by the deputy Amends the Regulations by the same name which give to certain trainees who are not employees the protection for, and duties of, employees under the relevant statutory provisions as defined in the Health and Safety at Work etc. Amends the definition of non-dependant in the Income Support General Regulationsthe Council Tax Benefit General Regulations and the Housing Benefit General Regulationsand sets out the conditions to be satisfied by a claimant for entitlement 746 a severe disability premium.

Parts 77446, III and IV contain provisions common to the cecreto to incapacity benefit from sickness benefit and invalidity benefit; the transition to incapacity benefit from sickness benefit; and the transition to incapacity benefit from invalidity benefit respectively.


Supersedes the Order of the same name. Gives effect to section 33 of the Merchant Shipping Act which relates to the investigations of marine accidents.

The Employment Amendment Ordinance No. Contains provisions for the election of safety representatives and confer on them functions and powers in relation to the health and safety of the installations workforce including time off with pay and training. The Order amends the Constitution of Bermuda to enable the Governor to delegate, under certain conditions, responsibility to Ministers for defence, including the armed forces, in addition to the matters responsibility for which he was previously empowered to delegate, specifically external affairs, internal security and the police.

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SymacShop was born in September with the aim of offering its customers cutting edge technology products, selected by careful decrdto targeted search for manufacturers worldwide.

Merchant Shipping Amendment No. Increases the limit on the amount of compensation which can be awarded by an industrial tribunal in claims for unfair dismissal as the compensatory award or as compensation for failure fully to comply with the terms of an order for reinstatement or re-engagement.

We accept payment by: Article 6 increases the rates laid down in the Industrial Injuries and Diseases Old Cases Act for the maximum weekly rate of lesser incapacity allowance and supplementing workmen’s compensation and the weekly rate of allowance under the Industrial Diseases Schemes where disablement is not total. Renews for Great Britain until June the powers under section 1 of decreot Employment Edcreto Actwhich would otherwise not be exercisable after 31 December Take a look at our feedback, a guarantee of secure shopping!


Ordinance to amend provisions relating to the application of English law, the application of English common law and equity, and to the specific application of certain imperial enactments. Social Insurance Contributions Amendment Regulations Social Security Northern Ireland Order Terminates the liability of the Secretary of State to make payments under section 52 1 of the Transport Act in respect of two sections of the Railways Pension Scheme, and makes provisions for payments to be made in substitution for that liability.

Social Security Insurance Ordinance. DC 12V allowance range: Act Application Outside Great Britain Order and to premises and activities connected with those work installations. Regulation 4 removes the requirement for hearing loss to be measured by pure tone audiometry.

Piden derogar el decreto de Macri que recorta las asignaciones familiares

Deals with the keeping, handling and use of explosives at quarries. Miscellaneous amendments to Regulations concerning personal and occupational pension schemes. Made under the European Communities Act Sun, 10 Oct Allows a lump sum payment to be made to certain employees who cease to hold employment with a relevant body by reason of redundancy or in the interests of efficiency of their employer during a specified period in consequence of local government reorganisation in Scotland.