Host – Stephenie Meyer – “The Host― is a Stephenie Meyer PDF The. Host is one of the . DESCARGA EN. PDF: La Huesped ( host – stephenie meyerdescarga en pdf: la huesped (the host), de stephenie meyer. The Host: (La huésped) – Ebook written by Stephenie Meyer. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for. Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away. The earth has been invaded by a species that take over the minds of human hosts while leaving their bodies intact.

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Once captured, they are prepared for i Wanderer has just arrived on Earth and been implanted into her new host. I hate dystopian novels like anything, nowadays The book would definitely be confusing for readers who haven’t read books based on the future or soul before, at first, but then it becomes easy to understand and follow afterwards.


CLUB DE LECTURA MARIPOSA: La huésped – The host de Stephenie Meyer

Souls are kind, caring, intelligent race, but can their good qualities compare to what they had done to human race? What she doesn’t know, is that the host is still very much there. It is to literature what Gigli was to movies Anyone remember that awfulness? She doesn’t even do the cheap thing and make the creatures or planet names the actual word but backwards.

Yet all the humans still love her except for two who are demonized and change the way they act because of her. This book deserves ZERO stars. And both these characters are so undeveloped, it’s hard to tell them apart. Whoever said that Stephenie Meyer was creative must be feeling pretty silly right about now. Dear Author, Do you want readers to have an optimistic opinion about you? Melanie wants her body back, but she can’t do anything about it and Wanda wants her gone, because the body belongs to her now.


Melanie then shows her memories of Jared, her boyfriend and Jamie, her meyet, and Wanda begins to realize that she slowly falls in love with those humans. Well this proved me wrong. And where is the conflict? Even though I enjoyed Twilight, it’s nice to see that the same author is capable of writing something that isn’t shallow in the slightest, and writing something so much better than Twilight.

I enjoyed seeing how Wanderer reacted to humans and how her perception of them changed. He wanted to believe that Melanie was still alive, he wouldn’t accept it otherwise, and he is the one of the rare ones who thought that Wanda is wonderful person and that she should be given a chance Humans are being painted in an annoyingly negative light.

So far, the writing is acceptable, the plot interesting. I stepyenie trust intensely passionate men. We find out about her, but for me she was just confusing.

The Host (The Host, #1) by Stephenie Meyer

Yes, the romance is boring and trite, just like everything else in this damn book. She explores the idea of a person’s soul or spirit and how an individual is defined as much by that spirit as by their physical body.


The souls offered love and acceptance to all. Ian, who is one of the descragar love interests I’ve ever read, just keeps going on about how sweet and pure Wanda is constantly.

Wanda is an alien who hates her kind, but not really.

It is narrated in the same style at the Twilight book in the first person. Many of the humans agree.

La huésped

He regret what he had done to Wanda and soon starts seeing her as herself, not just the body. Eventually, Wanderer falls in love with this man, too, through Melanie’s memories strphenie the two of them set out to find him. En las sombras de la noche, en Caldwell Nueva Yorkse desarrolla una stephnie y cruel guerra entre los vampiros y sus verdugos.

Not enough to annoy me, but it’s there nonetheless. All the melting, melding, welding that I had just been through was shoved aside, into the smallest part of my body, the little corner that I took up physically. We both started at the name. Wanderer has lived full life cycles on nine other planets – a record among her kind – before taking a huespd host, a young woman called Melanie.

Or a land-based plant? Are we more physical, spiritual, emotional? I really wanted to like this.