DGMS (Tech.) (S&T) Circular No. of Dhanbad, Dated.2 i 01·. The Owners, Agents and Managers of all mines. Sub Guidelines on Occupational . KB minsafety Apr on (Tech)(Approval) Cir No. Files > DGMS Circulars Name DGMS (Tech) Circular 1 of DGMS CIRCULAR LEGISLATIVE AMENDMENT IN THE MINES RULES, CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD DGMS CIRCULAR.

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In additions, the shelves shall be constructed and installed that, in the event of an explosion, they fly without obstruction along the roadway. Quality control, Inspection and Testing facilities. Use of mobile phones and two-way radio transmitters during charging of explosive and infilling stations Recommendations of Godavarikhani No. At least three mines. However, there could be cases where manufacturing of the particular product had been stopped, the standards have undergone complete change or the conditions of usage have changed.

Safe use of mobile Cranes — Code of Pract. However, there may be cases, which may deviate slightly from the laid down procedure under special circumstances or due to unique nature of the equipment or material. As per validity of BIS circullars. Measures to Give Warning of Dangers of Inundation.

Fortnightly inspections as prescribed in the regulations shall be conscientiously made and a report of such examination shall be kept.

The report shall be countersigned by the manager. Whether Private, Private ltd.

Cap Lamp Bulbs 90 days for 9 hrs. Use of Protective foot wears by female workers. Training should follow carefully prepared and devised programmes. Procedure to be followed for approval of a New Permitted Explosive Testing and examination of apparatus under pressure. It is believed that this document will help in clearing many doubts which may arise circularss course of the approval process and help all concerned in understanding the system in a more comprehensive manner.


Distance of face from last ventilation connection: In pursuance of sub-regulation 2 of Regulation C of the Coal Mines Regulations, the type of stone dust barriers to dgks provided and the manner in which such barrier shall be maintained in every gassy seams of Second or Circularx degree have been specified vide Government Notification No.

DGMS (Tech) Circular No. 04 Date – Indian Mining Legislation

Every coupling after all forging and welding operations shall be normalised in a recognised establishment and certificate for heat-treatment shall be obtained. Such ‘routine’ or ‘acceptability’ tests may be conducted in any laboratory or test house as agreed to by the manufacturers and users.

Mining Consultancy Registration From Kerala circulaars Shot firing cable and cable under NCB specifications are approved for one year only. These may be fully complied with. In such cases if an application is received without BIS certification, the application may be entertained and field trials permitted.


In case of rescue apparatus, field trial is conducted at one or more of the rescue stations before grant circulaars approval. Fire-resistant brattices including plastic sheeting and ventilation ducting. Dust sampler 90 days for 9 hrs.

However, as a cross check, it is advisable to get some of the routine tests done from National Test House or other test houses as indicated in Paras 1 2 and 3 above as well. The concerned Director of Mines Safety in charge of the regional office under which the mine where field trials are conducted falls and Director of Circuars Safety Electricalwhere applicable, has to be kept informed about the trials by the manufacturers.



dgks The manufacturer may seek extension of the field trial which may be granted based on the merit of the case. However, grant of approval has been restricted to cover specific equipment and material only.

In case of explosives field trial approval is granted for a specified number of shots, and in case of Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid, field trial is given for specified hours. There are cases when field trial report submitted by the user points out some deficiencies, such reports are forwarded to the manufacturers for comments or for taking corrective measures. Safety belts should conform to IS In some cases the trials are witnessed by the officers of DGMS.

DGMS Circulars 1935-2017

Method of coursing air to the face: NCB – accepted. The periods for conducting actual field trials for different equipment and materials is given in terms of time and quantity in Appendix-V.

Gas detectors 90 days 3 nos.