Otto Kernberg plantea su teoría de organización estructural de la persona- pectiva psicoanalítica, el diagnóstico estructural busca la comprensión de. apunte-el-diagnostico-estructural-y-la-entrevista-estructural-para-los-trastornos- Uploaded by. Yanny Robles. apunte-el-diagnostico-estructural-y-la-entrevista-estructural-para-los-trastornos- Cargado por. Yanny Robles.

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American Psychological Association, Acevedo de Mendilaharsu, Selika ;Mendilaharsu, Carlos, [] Aspecto de la parte psicotica de la personalidad en el ana isis de un nino: Neue Thesen zur weiblichen entwicklung, herausgearbeitet aus dem Werk Sigmund Freuds: Familia y subjetividad femenina: American Psychological Association, Clusa, Josep, [] Konstellation dus gut-boesen mutterarchetypes bei der behandlung frueher stoerungen: Anorexia nerviosa y bulimia: La farmacodependencia, un problema en la familia.

A total of 19 medical schools supplied their curricular materials. Enfermedad de Alzheimer y otras demencias: Most of the research to date has been carried out with adolescent samples, but not with university students, who are also at a particularly risky stage.

Background Partnership with parents is a vital part of pediatric medical education, yet few studies have examined parent attitudes towards learners in pediatric settings. American Psychological Association, Huber, R.

American Psychological Association, Wittenberger, Gerhard, [] Einige anmerkungen zu Freuds aufgabe der verfuehrungstheorie: Paradojas y ansiedades en la sexualidad vincular: Paradoxes of power and vulnerability: There was a significant positive correlation between the severity, duration, and staging of the disease with the swallowing performance and a poor correlation between the subjective reports of dysphagia and the objective performance on water swallow test.

Instituto Chileno de Trastornos de Personalidad

Psychoanalytic reflections on India and AMerica: Ergebnisse einer empirischen untersuchung: Based on action research with doctors, health visitors, social workers, counsellors and probation officers. Sexualidad, actualidad e inconsciente: Kay, [] Adolescent pregnancy and motherhood: American Psychological Association, Proner, Barry, [] Individuation and the poetics of injustice: American Psychological Association, Christie, George ;Francis, Sonia, [] Diagnostic aspects of sub-group formation in analytic group therapy: Saviane Kaneklin a cura diAdozione e affido a confronto: Mexico, Nueva Imagen, The paper discusses the theoretical dimension of these cases and of how a clinical understanding of the problems can help some couples work through these problems.


Brunori, Gruppo di fratelli, fratelli di gruppo, Borla, Roma, pp. The interpersonal world of the infant. American Psychological Association, Triandafillidis, Alexandra, [] Feminite, jeu, position perverse: The primary objective of this study was to assess the level of corporate entrepreneurship in the South African alloy mining environment, with specific reference to Xstrata Alloys and to make recommendations on the encouragement and promoting of a climate conducive to corporate entrepreneurship in Xstrata South Africa Pty Ltd – Alloys.

American Psychological Association, Rentrop, E. American Psychological Association, Sullivan, Pierre, [] Les travaux psychanalytiques de langue francaise sur les psychoses et les processus associes. West London Health Promotion Agency A psychological perspective on some of the pressures diganostico couples as they become parents, written for health practitioners working in the community.

Obsity and related phenomena: Data were collected, recoding and analysis by SPSS 13 and descript – analytical statistic tests.

American Psychological Association, Ruff, Wilfried, [] Indikationsstellung und therapeutische interaktion bei dynamischer psychotherapie und analytischer standardbehandlung: Third, principal component analysis was used to reduce the dimensions of these parameters and to obtain scores for the four dimensions.

We show that the mean or average risk of damage to the U.


Transference Focused Therapy for Borderline Patients by Otto Kernberg | The Good Breast

El infans capturado por el deseo y el discurso materno. Various difficulties in establishing the internal marriage are considered in relation to the couple, especially the wish for fusion as an avoidance of separateness and the problem of unequal development in the two partners.

Karnac Morley R E. Are psychological schools of thought outdated?


Policy makers will most likely need to make decisions about climate policy before climate scientists have resolved all relevant uncertainties about the impacts of climate change. American Psychological Association, Cohler, Jonas, [] Fathers who mistake their daughters for their mothers: It focuses not simply on partners as individuals and not only on the conscious and rational level, but also on the interaction between partners that operates unconsciously, which, if not engaged with, can interfere powerfully with the possibility of lasting change.

Douglas Woodhouse describes the evolution of thinking and practice in the TIMS during that period in an organisational case study. Images and experiences of epilences of epilepsy: This document establishes ofto technical basis in support of Emergency Planning activities for the S Laboratory Complex on the Hanford Site. Psychoanalysis of married couples.

Destino, evento, struttura, Interazioni, Trasmissione della vita psichica tra generazioni, Borla, Roma,pp.