May 9, setProperty Sets the indicated property on the enclosing Table tag. footer Tag wich should be nested into a table tag to provide a custom table. my displaytag branch. Contribute to chuanghs/displaytag development by creating an account on GitHub. hi all, I tried to retrieve a result in a EXCEL format. I used display tag, I got the expected result. Its a list of numerical values. After that they.

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Use ‘page’ if you want to dizplaytag only visible records, or ‘list’ if you want to sort the full list. Reference to the object used as source for the table.

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You can also set the property value in the tag body. Use it inside a table tag to display a caption. MUST be nested within a Table tag. Is this possible with displaytag?

The name of a property of the current object being iterated displaytaag, whose return value will be used as the value of the parameter named by the paramId attribute that will be dynamically added to this href URL.

As an alternative, you may create a property file that holds sitewide defaults; see the configuration documentation or the DisplayPropertiesLoaderServlet javadoc for information. Attributes Name Description Type cellpadding html pass through attribute. If this attribute is provided, then the column’s displayed is limited to this number of words.

You could also solve the issue with jQuery. The JSP bean is constrained to the bean scope specified by the paramScope property, if it is specified. String lang html pass through attribute. String hspace deprecated html displayttag.

Display tag library – Tag reference

If this attribute is not included, then no grouping is performed. Valid values are “ascending” default or “descending”. String nowrap deprecated html attribute. Downloadable docs PDF manual.


See displayag export page in the example webapp for more details. If paramName is not provided, then the current object being iterated on is assumed to be the target bean.

By default, null values don’t appear in the list. String id html pass through attribute. The contents of the list can be sorted, and the list can be cisplaytag into individual pages for display.

By setting ‘nulls’ to ‘true’, then null values will appear as “null” in the list mostly useful for debugging.

Don’t forget that the number of the columns in this case starts with one, and not zero like the arrays patterns. The grouping level starting at 1 and incrementing of this column indicates if successive contain the same values, then they should not be displayed.

String paramName The name of a JSP bean that is a Idsplaytag containing the value for the request parameter named by paramId if paramProperty is not specifiedor a JSP bean whose property getter is called to return a String if paramProperty displaygag specified.

Export footer and caption to excel/pdf

The name of the request parameter that will be dynamically added to the generated href URL. Can be any space separated combination of ‘html’, ‘csv’, ‘xml’, ‘all’, or ‘excel’. When the present, links for sorting, exports, and paging are formed by adding any tag generated parameters to the value of requestURI attribute. String value The value to which the property is set. Attributes This tag has no attributes. The corresponding value is defined by the paramProperty and optional paramName attributes, optionally scoped by the paramScope attribute.

String dir html pass through attribute. If you use this tag in Struts, or in some other framework where the page is included via a jsp: This attribute has the same functionality as the href attribute, but it pre-pends the contextPath. The value to which the property is set.


Fully qualified class name for a TableDecorator. The level indicates that if a lower level no longer matches, then the matching for this higher level should start over as well. The class should implement org. Attributes Name Description Type class html pass through attribute.

footer (Display tag library Tag library documentation)

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Displays a list in an html table, formatting each item in the list according to the Column tags nested inside of this tag. Tag Library The display tag library is an open source suite of custom tags that provide high level web presentation patterns which will work in a MVC model, and provide a significant amount of functionality while still being simple and straight-forward to use.

In the footer of the report i would like to show the average sum of a couple of my columns. Use the list attribute to indicate the Collection of data, in some scope, that the tag should operate on. String href The base URL used to construct the dynamic link. The column will only render for the named media type s – it won’t be added to the table if the current request media is not supported.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Can be an expression like requestScope.