In Diva, the companion to Alex Flinn’s YA novel Breathing Under Water, Caitlin is dealing with a lot. She’s living through the aftermath of an abusive re. Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn. Flashback; Ex: “Me. Sixth grade. Looking like I might explode out of y jeans any second at middle-school. Breathing Underwater was Flinn’s first novel. It was originally published in and was chosen a Top 10 ALA.

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On the last day of the second year, Adrian looks for Linda in the mirror and sees her being dragged into a building by a man.

I enjoyed reading Caitlin’s side of things even though her annoying way of writing her blog entries “OMG she wanted 2 go 2 the mall” was distracting. In some ways, it is almost as if Flinn wanted to go back and give her character a happy ending—or at least diba happier one. At auditions she meets an equally siva opera singer, Sean, who she starts falling for.

To view it, click here. Medea the opera named for the mythological woman who killed her kids just to bug her ex-husband.

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I enjoyed A Kiss in Timeand was feeling like I was in the mood for something light, so I went to the library and looted the shelves of Alex Flinn books. Not a gripping story, but a good read There’s a lot of musical and operatic references. The people in that room were looking at me, but not in a bad way.


I really like how even though she is dealing with past abuse and a fresh start, she is still so ready to enjoy life. We are privy to Caitlin’s online journal, as well as her thoughts in italics. Next thing she knew, her mom started dating another man, who was not only balding, but was also married to another woman. I faced Mom down for the first time ever.

Diva by Alex Flinn | Scholastic

This probably influenced m NOTE: Retrieved 23 October And Caitlin’s friends like Sean and Gigi areactually I was literally feeling like in small shoes. I highly recommend this book to anyone. She graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in vocal performance opera then went to law school at Nova Southeastern University [1] and practiced law for 10 years before quitting her day job to devote herself full-time to writing, following the acceptance of her third book.

See all 21 reviews. At a book signing, Alex Flinn says she hopes that girls who read Diva will take from it that there is something more to life than boyfriends. The relationship with her mother is complex and interesting.

This book is written as a diary showing the events of Beastly from Lindy’s perspective, along with a few extra things. I pop a cough drop into my mouth and make myself sit still for two whole minutes, until the girl up front finishes singing. She informs us about her feelings, how she feels, what is she listening and also, how much she weigh. I, otoh, seemed to be trapped in the not-very-glamorous life of a cheerleader wannabe with serious ex-boyfriend issues and a permanent yo-yo diet.


Alex Flinn – Wikipedia

As time passes, she slowly warms up to him and he finds himself falling in love with her. Kendra reveals that she is Magda, punished to remain a servant forever because of her careless spellwork but she can now return home as well. I turn back around. I started writing an early and laughable version of Breathing Underwater in college I was aled bored on a car trip with my parents.

Review first posted at Epinions. I also enjoyed Flinn’s depiction of what it would be like in the performing arts world. Please try again later. She says that she is not able to because she does not have a place to stay.