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DODD , National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve DODD and DOD R, Executive Summary, March NUMBER May 12, USD(AT&L). SUBJECT: The Defense Acquisition System. References: (a) DoD Directive , “The Defense Acquisition. follows in achieving those objectives are described in DoD Directive and DoD. Instruction The Defense Acquisition Guidebook is designed to.

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If you are not a client of PPI or CTI, limited access which permits download access to many of these resources may be available on an approved-registration basis. Accordingly, the Army is considered to be in a good position to incorporate effectively the policy changes. The current Army’s materiel concept initiation investigations are provided for under a process called: Also, its purpose will have to be focused on the review of programs at the key decision points and to advise the Secretary of the Army.

It is of limited detail and reflects the following subjects: For the conceptual phase, attainable performance characteristics are vague, and uncertainty is reflected in the cost estimates and schedule.

SATC, the revised directive places the service acquisition decision-making pro- cess under civilian control. Although these criteria have changed, it is irportant to note that the re.

The line official will then be held accountable for the decision ” Previously, the needs of tlie services for its aci. The second phase of the methodology was to review the background of DODD Clements approvc 2 d the revised DCDD Army Implementation As a result of the AT-IARC study recamendation concerning the issue of requirements instability, the Army revised its requireircnts pro- cess so that a “firm requirament” should not be established until both the materiel and conbat developers have a 55000.1 understanding of what is achievable and usable 1: HSi’iiU’o – A i-o: The new policy is intended to affect reforms that will reduce cost overruns and diminish the controversy of the past two decades on whether new systems are needed.


These changes indicate a further decentralization of the res- ponsibility and authority to the Service Secretaries in tlx.

Cullin’s jxiper, “DODD Clements, wiio succeeded Mr. If you are a client of PPI or subsidiary company CTI and wish to obtain a username and password, please use the email contact form.

DoD: , Defense Acquisition | SE Goldmine by PPI

Throughout all the changes, the concept of a strong program manager with the proper responsibility and authority will have to be reinforced. If waivers are requested, describe the need for the waivers.

SARC process was evaluated to insure that it is performing as an executive advisory body and confining its attention to the decision point assess- ment and that the responsibility of the program iranagement review remain dkdd the Service Secretaries. Firm estinates for performance, cost and schedules are then to be documented in the updated DCP for approval at the Milestone II decision point.

Seme of the major AMARC recomnendat ions were implemented inmediately by the Army and actually preceded similar policy dianges contained in tlie revi.

Ttiis revision was based on a series of studios and reports wtiich had considerable imjxict on tlie Dodx weapons system aetjuisition process. Within the gestation process, operational iirpacts are derived frcm statements of capability goals vhich define a specific mission dosd operational capability needed by the Army to dpdd a vulnerability in sane mission area This revision was accarpanied by a supplemental directive, DODD This program is to identify and to develop cjualified officers to support future requirements for project nanagers and other senior officials with- in the materiel development activities.

Specific Goals of the Project The goals of the project were focused on the recent major changes to DOD major weapon systems acquisition policies and their implementa- tion in the Army’s acquisition management process.

DoD: 5000.1, 5000.2 Defense Acquisition

When a class justification for other than full and open competition has been approved, planning for competition shall be accomplished consistent with the terms of that approval. B To the acquisition of systems, subsystems, and components below the thresholds for major defense acquisition programs, to the extent prescribed DoDD Tlneso recemendations related to the organizational make-up, directives, instructions and other cjuidelines of the SECDEF pertaining to major weapons system acc]uisition within the OSD.


The changes rejemphasize the need for a strong single program manager concept supported by highly skilled and motivated personnel. In a more practical sense, precedence and the estab- doddd warkinq relationships within official lines will dictate how a PM interfaces witli the layers of authority between him and the Secretary of the Army.

Cullin Itiis study project report represents the views, conclusions and reconmen- dations of the author and does not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the Defense Systcans Managenent College or the Department of Defense.


B The date approval for operational use has been or will be obtained. If no IP strategy has been developed, provide supporting rationale for dldd position. Dods If the contracting officer makes a determination, under paragraphs b 1 A 1 and 2 of this section, for a competitive solicitation, 10 U.

Whether or not line officials document their decisions that inpact a program remains to bo seen. A Acquisitions for development, as defined in FAR The MENS is used to document the mission need and to provide essential support- ing and planning infomvition, such as projected threat, existing DOD cap- ability and deficiencies, and laiown constraints.

Its purpose will have to be reoriented to focios on program reviews at the dodv decision points and to advise the Secretary of the Army. For acquisitions covered by paragraphs A username and password is required for access to the resources.