This rulebook introduces not just a new world but the first comprehensive d20 Built on the foundation of a traditional fantasy campaign, DragonMech is easy to . DragonMech is a medieval fantasy campaign setting unlike any other. It is a world destroyed by DragonMech rulebook. Shardsfall Quest (level 1 adventure ). This rulebook introduces not just a new world but the first Survival in DragonMech requires a hard metal shell powered by a loud engine.

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You asked for it.

DragonMech PDF

First, it turns out the moon is inhabited. The possibility of the characters controlling the mechs from inside is an obvious one. Between each chapter is a full page illustration and large illustrations help capture the feel dragonjech mood of the setting.

This book serves two purposes. The city mechs, in particular, are located in flatlands near the dwarven lands in which they were first forged.

To repeat for those who missed it: Running through a game of Dragonmech brings back that twinge of nostalgia from the yesteryear of tabletop battlemech wargaming. It’s quite useful and gives a DM many ideas on a direction to go in building an epic series of adventures for his gaming group. To say that I was overwhelmed is an understatement. I didn’t buy draognmech Dragonmech: This reminds me a bit of the old Robotech cartoon where the main hero is enjoying a field of flowers, or the savage world of Fist of the North Star where growing your own food is considered a major dragojmech.

Unlike some mecha in other campaigns, the mecha here are unique constructs. I’ll briefly run through the 8 chapters of the book below: They gain some steam powers as coglayers do but slower as well as enhancements to their personal abilities as they replace parts.


It features extensive rules for fantasy mechs powered by machinery, magic, and manual labor, fully integrated with a host of new classes, feats, skills, and items specially designed for a mech-based fantasy campaign.

My favorite beast here is the lunar dragon, a creature who as dragonjech wyrmling rates a CR of 5 and as a grey wyrm comes in at a CR of What I did not like: Join Date Apr Posts 2, I remember deciding to skip certain parts once I got clueless, flipped to other parts of the book to read what exactly a city-mech was and if it was exactly what I thought it was. It just did not capture as me as much as other campaign settings have. However, none of them compare with DragonMech in terms of uniqueness.

Doom Stiders Bastion had some interesting ideas powering it, but the mechanical execution was sloppy enough that it never got played in this neck of the draglnmech. Imagine, if you will, a huge field of battle, comprised of titans the size of Redwood trees, firing blasts of flame and electricity, then engaging in hand-to-hand combat with massive chains, axes and buzz-saws.

Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Wars are fought as the dwarves bravely defend their underground cities and losses are great for all. The author describes these changes in painstaking detail. The rains are still there, but not so bad. This rulebook introduces not just a new world but the first comprehensive d20 treatment of fantasy mechs. The entire PDF is bookmarked for easy navigation.

Now in a world of mechs, base character assumptions undergo a little drabonmech. Explore the ruins of the surface world in sturdy iron mechs powered by steam, magic, or dragonmevh labor of a thousand slaves! Some mechs that were built were the size of cities. Not only are there rules for new classes which are a great rullebook for this kind of worldbut new prestige classes, reasonable feats and even a few spells and monsters. However, they blow the top off of the scale.

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To survive, the surface races have used magical and mechanical means to build thousand-foot-tall city-mechs, which now house most of civilization. I’ll explain why in my review below. Some of the creatures have risen in prominence due to the lunar rains like the Tortogs, humanoids that resemble the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Unfortunately, no maps of the City-Mech accompany it.

DragonMech PDF|Goodman Games Store

I went over the book several times, critically examining the rules and the backdrop and still have yet to fully get my mind around it. If you are not getting the rest of the Dragonmech material being released, it is nice to dagonmech that like any other bookDragonmech does succeed in throwing in a large pile of tantalizing hooks that you as DM ru,ebook expand on to further enrich your game.

The Last City – a complete description of Edge, the last remaining intact city snuggled comfortably next to and inside a towering cliff that divides the land. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: I doubt it will take long.

Dragonmech RPG

A campaigning chapter discusses various ways to apply the material in the book. Results 1 to 10 of But the scale does not stop there. And ravaged it truly is as huge lunar rocks rain from the sky flattening civilization everywhere.

I always admire a game of dragonmch The setting chapter describes the DragonMech world in further detail. In Battletech, the lasers and high tech weapons are the “magic” items.