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A “symphony” of performance. In addition, the Ducati Testastretta DVT has a particularly detailed design which, thanks to the repositioning of the water pump inside the V of the cylinders, does away with the cooling system pipes on the left side. The Sport Riding Mode offers pure fun, with the engine releasing hp through a precise, expert touch of the accelerator. A commitment that ducqti made it possible to lengthen the times between Desmo Service scheduled maintenance checkups during which valve clearance is checked and adjusted as needed duucati 30, km for the Testastretta DVT engine of the XDiavel S.

Choose your diavek or region. Ducati recently launched the XDiavel in India. The XDiavel is the first Ducati to use belt final drive. The highest peak of technology and Ducati design to reach the maximum perfomances.

New Ducati Diavel

Ergonomics configurations configurations. ABS Cornering makes use of the IMU Inertial Measurement Unit platform by Bosch to optimise the braking power of the front and back divel, also in critical situations and when cornering.

The power supplied by the engine is no longer regulated solely and directly by the accelerator cable, but passes through the control unit which, on the basis of the signal received, electronically regulation the opening of the throttle.

The new Hypermotard is the perfect choice both for moving in traffic and having fun diavrl the city. The new Panigale Corse is the highest sporting expression of the famous twin cylinder. Hypermotard means maximum fun everywhere. The increase in engine capacity compared to the Testastrettatogether with the use of the Desmodromic Variable Timing system, has enabled supply of incredibly full and at the same time fluid torque at low running speeds, while also guaranteeing sports performance when the throttle is fully brocuure.


The exhaust of the XDiavel is a 2 in 1 with a chamber body and dcati terminals. Low speed excitement Ducati enters the Cruiser world and does so in its very own way, representing the best of both worlds.

Light alloy, Cast, 3,5″x17″. The road runs below the wheels, accompanied by a sense of control and comfort typical of a cruiser. A considerable range for high performance engines, which confirms the high quality standards adopted in the choice of materials and research and development processes.

The exclusive Monster S sharpens that Monster sports performance to ducafi even finer edge. Sleek tailpiece lines of the Monster R grab the eyes with their sporting looks.

At the front the wheel is 3.

Cruiser culture, Italian beauty

The system offers eight different levels, each programmed to provide a certain tolerance level for rear end sliding, and thus suitable for the progressive riding skill levels.

Ducti exhaust pipes have been designed to leave the engine visible and also the central body has been positioned in front of the rear wheel so as to be almost invisible. Ducati for you The spare parts of your Ducati available all over the world in 48 hours. Ducati Diavel Carbon Brochure. This site uses different types of cookies, including analytics and profiling cookies its own and from other sites to send you advertising in line with the preferences you have shown while online.

Accessories XDiavel is a world of accessories to express your personality.

The new Hypermotard SP is designed with sleek lines and surfaces: Style, elegance and performance are the key words that characterise this line, which uses black in a myriad of shades and tones. The DRL is a particular light which guarantees perfect visibility of the bike during the day and, at the same time, thanks to its particular form, makes the Dlavel S instantly recognisable also in sunlight.


Long, low, muscular, modern shapes and technologically cutting-edge components. Custom-inspired accessories designed by Roland Sands and sporty details for carbon parts: The fork has the compression register and spring preload on ducqti left stem, while the extension register is located on the right stem. Ergonomics ergonomic configurations. A bike that projects the concept of Cruiser into modern times, towards the future, a true “Technocruiser”.

The new Hypermotard offers pure fun and adrenaline. On the other hand, at the rear the XDiavel has an adjustable mono-shock in the spring preload and in extension, equipped with a separate fuel tank. The system, implemented within the Riding Mode, can provide performance to suit all conditions and riding styles. Schweiz de Brochue fr Schweiz it. Belt, Front sprocket Z28, Brocjure sprocket Z When the designers and engineers started to work on the XDiavel, they started from a basic concept: The RbW system uses three different mappings to regulate the supply of power: This system can guarantee fast and safe starts thanks to the Bosch IMU which udcati the gas and the intervention of the DTC on the basis of the setting chosen.

Luxembourg nl Luxembourg fr. But when it is time to face the corners, XDiavel will astound you. The DPL has 3 intervention modes where level 1 is the one which provides maximum performance. The SuperSport perfectly balances sport and comfort to guarantee excitement and riding pleasure.

Seat Height mm 29,72 in. At this point, simply by gradually releasing the clutch, it is possible to make an explosive start. Creative, youthful and spirited, the new Ducati Scrambler is more than bochure a motorcycle, it is a new brand that enhances creativity, self-expression and the sharing of positive emotions.