So since I did a layout for the Tubeworks I thought to myself if it’s basically a tube pre-amp I Layout Dumble Overdrive Special 70’s. The Dumble Overdrive Special has been one of the “Holy Grail” guitar . Here’s a layout for the Overtone Special 50 (A Dumble Overdrive. Hoffman Amplifiers Tube Amp Forum, Dumble Champ Schematic. Dumble- ( kB, x – viewed 49 times.).

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These updates significantly changed the sound and feel of the circuit, and became standard to the SSS model from 4 and on.

Remember, it takes 10x the wattage to be 2x as loud. Browne was a long time friend of Dumble and owned some of Dumble’s earliest amplifiers including the first Overdrive Specials. The clean channel is often described as “fast”, “huge”, and “responsive”.

Dumble amplifiers information archive – courtesy of Rob Livesey

Great job Norm and Moss. Anonymous 5 Aug No registered users and 0 guests. A single channel “no frills” combo amplifier, similar in appearance to the tweed Bassman. Dumble layou a one-person operation; each amp is handcrafted by Dumble himself, and Dumble amplifiers are the most expensive boutique amplifiers on the used market.

The Amp Garage

Not quite as “touch” sensitive as a Trainwreck, but damn close! The Amp Garage A tube amp builder’s community Skip to content. But really, subtlety isnt this pedals primary job. You must use some caution with the info found here as it is not totally “unified” e.

For example, although most ODS amplifiers use 6L6 tubes in the power section commonly associated with Fender ampssome have EL34 tubes commonly associated with Marshall amps. Along these same lines, many later versions of the ODS have “HRM” controls on the inside of the amplifier, which is a “Hot Rodded Marshall” tone stack that sits “on top” of the overdrive channel, or in other words comes after the Overdrive channel tube gain stage. So after making a layout for it I started searching for other Silicon Tonebenders.

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Jackson Browne’s collection of amplifiers is what introduced Vaughan to Dumble’s amps, and Browne introduced Vaughan to Dumble so that he could buy his first Steel String Singer. Mark Rakemaker 16 May Retrieved 9 June The latter won’t give up the harmonics at lower settings but you can play with out the neighbors beating on the door.

Every SSS has special high and low cut filters that adjust the overall tone late in the circuit. There are certain commonalities across all ODS amplifiers.

Retrieved 28 May Also, a LOT depends on your speaker efficiency. Views Read Edit View history. Saturday, 17 June Tubeworks Real Tube Its sound is often characterized as an extremely clean and compressed signal with dynamic response and a lush reverb circuit. The layout should be small enough to give you plenty of room in a BB. Also, you will find a forum topic specifically for the D’Lite project here: Moss’s iron I have a V6 ODS in the works now also, with a similar hope – wanting the smaller amp to “give it up” earlier in the volume spectrum not necessarily earlier on the volume knob, though.

With that in mind, I modified the original layout I made with various tone stacks. This would be a fun project from scratch. Firstly, the ODS amps are known for their harmonic richness in the overdrive channel breakup, and transparent “open-ness” in the clean channel.

This means that the clean channel tone stack and gain stages “cascade” into the gain stage of the overdrive channel, causing the clean channel to become “overdriven”. Retrieved 7 October Plus you will have to pay import duties on it as well.


Dumble Amplifiers – Wikipedia

Starting with 4, the Phase Inversion was simplified, and the amp was given more negative feedback which cleaned up the signal even further. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dumb,e amplifiers.

Its EQ is generally considered to be relatively flat internally, but this becomes extremely malleable through the controls provided on the front panel and its overall responsiveness. This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat There are also stereo versions available.

There are reportedly “higher highs” and “lower lows” that are not often heard through other amplifiers, and a significant amount of harmonic response to the strength of the input signal. PM me if you like – lots to say.

Here you will find all the info on my various DIY Guitar effects builds, amplifiers and guitars. Connected 10K resistor from Bass 1 to Ground instead of Vb. This is easily Dumble’s most popular model, and subsequently is the most frequently seen. It is here to crush, kill, and destroy, but in a very musical and harmonically rich way.

I called a couple of the distributors here in Massachusetts, and they didn’t have Ceriaton’es on their web site, but did say they could get them, so they have some kind of deal. Who are the “typical retailers”? Along with an airbrake. I thought that maybe a 6V6 Dumble could do the trick?

Probably difficult to answer, but how loud will layokt be compared to a 6L6 Dumble? Just come back here with the questions and they will be answered quickly and efficiently.