Among them, one of the absolute greatest is the ChessBase version of Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual, a book that is rightly considered a. A true classic, now on Chessable. When you are serious about improving your endgame skills, it is time for Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual. Chess endgame manual, all you need to know by CapitanSgrakkio in Types > Creative Writing, chess, and endgame.

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Andrew Brown rated it really liked it Jan 11, It’s a book with technical endgames Dvoretsky is part of a massive expansion of the site, we’re trying to do more, be better, give more and basically support chess authors a lot more and so far it is working very well. Want to Read saving….


I’ve been really trying to make sure I have all the reviews finished before I start anything new, but it really adds up if you aren’t consistent through out the week, so hopefully this will be good motivation!

Yes I do remember some of the technical positions A Modern Classic – Third Edition! Put it this way: I hope it will bring you as much pleasure as it has me. It starts with basics that are relatively easy, but the difficult exercises are just not dvordtsky, even for world class players.

This is a great book. There is a story that even Fischer had to be taken to the woodshed, so dvoregsky speak, with Fridrik Olafsson criticizing Fischer’s lazily playing a rook ending. The format is a player knockout. Some people say why bother, it’s a book of many technical positions. It’s technical and difficult, but I def disagree that it’s ‘masters only’ stuff – Enddgame not evenand I continue to learn a lot from it, although it is true that I have to play endtame the refutations of my ‘thought-it-was-good’ moves to really understand the position.


ChessBase 15 – Mega package Find the right combination! Joseph Jackson rated it really liked it Jul 22, Iirc his explanation of rook vs pawn though I think was pretty good. I think it’s a good book for intermediate players, not necessarily “strong” ones.

Tartakower decided to transpose into a pawn ending, which he thought was won. Refresh and try again. Ersan G rated it really liked it Jan 03, It’s comparable to, but not nearly as dry as, a reference work.

It’s not imminent, but it is on the horizon. You will be tested step-by-step with training questions. Lokesh Hans rated it liked it May 23, This is one of the greatest endgame manuals ever. Want to add to the discussion? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual is on Chessable : chess

You can also couple Chessable’s books and spaced repetition with for example endgame training on ChessTempo to practice calculation and pattern recognition on fresh positions. Seems good when I actually remember to use it This is a particularly important book from the standpoint of clarifying, correcting, and extending the theory of endings.

NO wasted time entering positions or moves, and you can play the positions against the engine. At what ratings this book is aimed for? Of course, it’s a book about technical endgames, not a book about strategy in the endgame, and it is supposed to be a “short” book with only essential positions. It’s actually nowhere near as complicated as a lot of the other game analysis I’ve seen – the wins are for the most part clearly illustrated and easier to understand than the typical mysterious middlegame moves that you see in annotated games that have no comment.


Even if you already own Muller’s DVDs, this work will complement and supplement them perfectly. Over the last couple of decades he has authored numerous advanced books on training techniques, all successful, but the book that no one can seem to get enough of is his famous Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual. For one thing, for all purposes, this is an ebook, not a Fritz trainer. There are many top notch authors and teachers, but one of the most famous is the Russian Mark Dvoretsky. The world-renowned trainer Mark Dvoretsky reassures the student that the task of acquiring a solid basis in endgames is not nearly as hard as one might fear.

If I could review chessable books as easily as I can fire up tactics on my phone I think I’d use it a lot more. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

In the introduction, the author explains how it is organized and how best to make use of the material. The solution is not going to simply paste the answer for you. To ask other readers questions about Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manualplease sign up.