Praise. “A collection of essays straight out of Dante’s Inferno. The hell is there, and its name is America as with Malcolm X, Cleaver’s book is a. PDF | Despite its limitations, “Soul on Ice” is not only the closest and most influential Eldridge Cleaver’s efforts at sexual myth-making and analysis of black. Written by Erin Morris Eldridge Cleaver was a well-known leader of the Black In , Cleaver published his memoir Soul on Ice, which he wrote while.

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Though of course it is disappointing to read other reviewers respond e,dridge the rapes and the harsh statement against homosexuality as if the book’s answer is an approval of rape or an approval of boxing off heterosexuality reading the book in itself- I have not researched what other comments Cleaver made.

So, I guess I’m not a fan.

Soul on Ice

Though some of the specifics of Eldridge Cleaver ‘s ideology are a bit dated, his overall intellect shines through in this tome that shares uncomfortable truths about not only Western society, but modern society in general. Retrieved from ” https: The internet synopsis says they are a collection of essays he wrote during his time in jail prior to his involvement with the Black Panther Par Now I can say I’ve read it To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting when I started listening to this audiobook.

Soul on Ice His observations about the disturbing mental and This is absolutely one of the the most overrated books of all time. As with his sexual victimization of women, soull seems unable to confront his deep seated issues of misogyny and masculinity choosing instead to assert his literary domination over the political direction of the Black community while framing the world to conform with his vacillating conviction.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It is in fact very ugly, Cleaver is somewhat extreme, but can you blame him?


If you’re related to very many black people, you’ve got sul of these guys in clewver family. At one point Cleaver actually says that his whole icf for raping white women was that he considered it a “revolutionary act”, it was his way of striking back at “white” society. Tuesdays and Thursdays 9: Cleaver talks on politics, race relations, love, life, and his own experiences. Inhis family moved to Watts, Californiawhere, although the racial climate was not as acute, the young Cleaver began delving into petty crime.

It is a deep hole out of which to climb. I didn’t find the part I was looking for on a first cursory search. Pico by Pico U. I can’t fathom why this book is used in many University literature and sociology classes in America except to brainwash and indoctrinate white students with white guilt. Cleaver’s vision of a successful socialist revolution was located in Algeria, Cuba, Korea and each of the other places he was able to experience in exile. But consider the cost, because it icee huge, and most of us today probably aren’t paying it.

These reviews seem indicative of the book’s difficulty, but also of a popular alienation from the race question, or any such challenge for that matter. I was also educated and stopped to ponder a few things he said. This is not a children’s book, or even one for young adults, so if you approach this book set in an immature frame of mind, set in your own conception of how oh world is and should be, unwilling to yield to an experience so alien, you’ll get burned.

Soul on Ice by Eldridge Cleaver | : Books

Routledge, He wasn’t really a hardcore black nationalist or racial seperatist when you get down to it, he wasn’t, which was common for that time, an overblown hardcore Marxist or leftist. First, he declares his rage at how black men are indoctrinated into preferring whiteness to blackness.

He was the darling of the radicals of my generation who were so desperate to establish their credentials as being opposed to racism, nuclear weapons, the Viet Nam war, the consumer society and the establishment that they would endorse any lunatic position, writer, doctrine or politician. I will pass over in silence his quivering fear of homosexuality.


The text also included homophobic criticism of the writings of the black ccleaver James Baldwin. If you can stomach it, I recommend it because it was well-written, vivid, and, seemingly, an accurate depiction of Black male thoughts in America – it did not seem “touched” like other African American autobiographical works. The Black Power movement was about racial pride, maintaining black culture, community organizing, and achieving self-determination for all people of African descent.

Of course, I now have read information regarding o balance of the Eldridge Cleaver’s life and the incongruous wide swings of perspective of his later years.

Soul on Ice (book) – Wikipedia

Cleaver speaks eloquently on the militarized police forces fighting against the civil rights protests and the Free Speech Movement. I quickly understood, back then, that to attempt to refute Cleaver was to admit immediate defeat.

He talks about the divisions that have been formed in our political systems and between the races that inhabit the Earth. Am I the only one who hates the stupid racist ad on GoodReads? Here is a interestingly favorite excerpt from said essay: Jul 03, AJ Griffin rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Then there is a traffic stop, and he grovels, and it is all shot back to hell. A large portion of the book’s latter subject matter consists of an idea that a partition between the world of the white man and the world of the black man can be adequately represented, in short, by saying that the white man assigned the black man the status of being representative of the Body capitalization as it appears in the book while the white man appoints himself as a personification of the Mind.