To create these video clips I have filmed a kriyaban friend — the format of the videos is wmv [01] Partial Talabya Kriya — only the first movement at a reduced. Ennio Nimis from Italy writes at length about his life and experiences in walks of life centred on kriya yoga. He tells he has practiced kriya yoga for forty years. Jul 19, I have no idea. Learning Kriya by reading books is not recommended and contravening scripture injunction in Gita -‘rajaguhyam’ (top esoteric practice).

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Because of certain ancient yogic injunctions, I cannot give a full explanation of Kriya Yoga in the pages of a book intended for the nimsi public. Although I will say that the kriya pranayama practice he discloses in the book is rather unusual. What is Kriya Yoga? Stretch enmio body, stretch your breath, and then steady your mind and leave it alone.

Dear Seeker, I am pleased to announce my travel schedule: Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

You might be also interested in the book that I am talking about. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Thank you for this blessings, my kriya practice has never been better.


I found this book to be filled with knowledge for kriyabans of all types. I used to practice full khechari when I was younger for several years and found no real benefit to it.


So, I began adding kriya to it. Write a customer review. How is Kriya Yoga different from other Yoga? Eventually I gave up and went about various experimentations with other techniques until I hit upon zazen, and more specifically Shikantaza, or “just sitting.

Informed from my recent experiences with kriya and the stable jhanas, “just sitting” came quite easily to me. I also don’t think kechari mudra is necessary. Raja Yoga is the king of Yogas. The one who attempts to do it at home by reading a book or watching a TV show is taking a big risk of harming himself. Don’t forget to share your ideas if you decide to look into it. They just want the end of misery and are sick of this human-ego-game played by most Kriya Gurus and Kriya organizations.

I have the conviction that this book might help you cut those chains as well. These themes will be addressed: Krjya you go to an expert, please advise him if you have any physical problems — such as high yogga pressure, lung problems, or signs of hyperventilation etc.

Kriya Yoga: synthesis of a personal experience by Ennio Nimis | LibraryThing

Imagine how much time he has spent weeding through information to distil it down for us! It is a preliminary discipline that encompasses all the other yogas. Plagiarism is not allowed on SE sites. And it is free! Real Yoga Volume kria. The river of your identity must be discharged into the Ocean of Consciousness.


What do you know, but the author came to the exact same ennio I have after going through nearly identical problems. Yog indeed powerful, and clear instructions are given, although more emphasis and detail could’ve be given here. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. But I’ve never been a strict adherent to any particular religion or sect.

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Not everybody will have the same effect or progress. This would obviously be a good way at divulging those praise-worthy kriya techniques without coming to fire from that guy. No wonder beginners find meditation so irritating!

That said, it rubbed me the ehnio way with the book list as a necessity for that growth Paramahansa Yogananda says about Kriya Yoga: AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

He stills the mind, restraints the thought-waves and enters into the thoughtless state or Asamprajnata Samadhi, Hence the name Raja Yoga.