11 Results Visit ‘s Erle Montaigue Page and shop for all Erle by Erle Montaigue and Wally Simpson by Carlton Books and Erle Montaigue. Erle Montaigue (* ; † Januar ) ist ein international bekannter Lehrer der chinesischen inneren Kampfkünste Taijiquan und Baguazhang sowie des. Results 1 – 23 of 23 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Erle-Montaigue books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 19 million titles.

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May his memory and his teachings live for ever in our minds and our hearts. Add to Wish List. Today, Erle teaches alongside his sons, Ben er,e Eli, and lives in Wales. Erle’s two siblings were still born due to the umbilical cord strangling them and Erle was also in this same situation, hence the Caesar at 6 weeks premature.

It is aesthetically pleasing to perform. Moontagu, is what the Chinese people call Erle because they cannot pronounce his real name and means an “Old Tower” which Erle is happy with. What a great loss.

These have been the experiences and thoughts of Erle Montaigue, a humble and honest Martial Artist who continues to strive for the truth and what is fact. And so the story goes! Truly a lovely man with an amazing amount of knowledge of the arts I will always remember him for montaiguw direct approach and humourist wit. Tai Chi – Sudden Violence.

Erle Montaigue: Remembering a Legend |

Hi Eli, Charlie here from Donegal Ireland, I only heard last night about the sad passing of your dear father and master. All of the above from the ‘Drunken Boxing Stances. Tai Chi – Sudden Violence Above: He was the one person that changed my life and I was so lucky to have crossed his path as we meet in Sligo in He had much to teach, now we will look forward to Eli, to learn from montaiue wisdom. Of course they errle me to just stand there and allow them to strike me.


However, Erle, being Erle, has changed some things in the original form so that they work much better and sure enough, this master has re-created these changes in montaigu own DVD titles.

Similar authors to follow

Some of his findings others may not agree with but then they are not Erle and have not taken the same path of discovery or first hand faced the experiences he has. My greatest influence both in the Martial Arts, my ethics and my heart.

Martial Arts against Martial Arts is hardly realistic when you consider your vicious street fighter is hardly going to act the same or similar to your traditional Martial Arts sparring partner.

Erle has provided us with free monraigue in a time were money is tight for the likes of a humble Ambulance call taker like me. This site uses cookies. Here, Erle presents for the first time the little known physical side of the Yang Style, no BS, no mystical garbage, just excellent and practical physical stuff on gaining great power for one strike kill methods to all parts of the body.

In Honor of Erle Montaigue (1949-2011)

Your post here is a fine tribute, and the articles referenced are gems. Your mind however, still caused your body to do what it would have done had you a real lemon!

He had to be honest with himself and realise that the claims of being able to render people helpless from a distance without physically contacting with them were all staged performances, a deception and he did not want to continue with the lies. He even entered the erlr wrestling arena. Please use the comment box below and tell us all just what impact he had on you.


I never to got to meet him in England either. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Eli has been teaching this system for 16 years now, Although he is still young at age 31, unlike most people who train in a group class a few times a week and get very little hands on time with their teacher, Eli lived with his teacher and received one to one hands on tuition almost every day while we was learning.

We won’t go into all of that but just to say that Erle has always been a bit of a rebel to put it mildly. So even the masters begin to doubt whether Taijiquan is actually able to help and put it down to just the simple exercise that it brings to the body.

TAI CHI MALTA Old Yang Style – Erle Montaigue

The rest is history when Erle travelled back to Australia upon the death of his father in and met the love of his life, Sandra, had three more children and also met Chiang Yiu-chun who became Erle’s main internal arts teacher from whom he learnt REAL Tai Chi, Wudang Arts and Dim-Mak. Erle was also a keen entertainer and a notable rock star back home and his main reason to travel to London was to study the performing arts. I had the honor to train for 6 months under Master Montague.