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This type of violence often belongs to a general abuse strass, of pedophilic nature, in which girls also suffer the same kind of abuse. Rio Grande do Sul Brasil. Rio Grande do Sul Brasil.

Jornal de Pediatria – Print page

Survivors of sexual abuse often repeat the cycle of victimization, sexually abusing their own children intergenerational abuse 5. Strickland J, Adams JA. Services on Demand Journal. The articles of this Code, written inbased on the insufficient knowledge of that time about special characteristics of a developing human being, have been used as models for forensic reports issued by the Medical Legal Service.

However, children do not reveal immediately that they were sexually abused, which allows total healing to occur within a few days and, when the child is examined later, the anatomical characteristics of the anogenital region may not show evident injuries.

The basis for legal charges requires that sexual abuse be confirmed and that exams for the identification of the offender be performed, but before that, parents or surrogates must file a charge at the police department, which will request a forensic report from the Medical Legal Service. Its effects may be devastating and permanent; 19 however, no specific psychiatric symptom resulting from sexual abuse has been described.

Sexual abuse should be considered a predisposing factor for later symptoms such as phobias, anxiety and depression, and dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder, with the possibility of self-destructive and suicidal behaviors. In all cases of sexual abuse, physicians especially pediatricians have to be qualified for the clinical and psychological management of victims, including knowledge about specific laws.

The inability of some pediatricians to distinguish between normal and abnormal characteristics of the genitals, not the least the female genitalia, is a concern. Rape is defined by the Brazilian Penal Code as vaginal penetration using violence or severe threat.


These extremely alarming figures indicate that sexual abuse is the type of maltreatment that has been more widely reported to and investigated by this secretariat; however, they cannot be regarded as prevalence ratio, considering all types of maltreatment to which children and adolescents may be subjected.

Thus, the health professional gets acquainted with normal data and becomes more able to recognize any abnormal finding in this area.

Autores e Agentes Associados; Eelementales several cases, the mother, either consciously or unconsciously, delegates the heavy role of mother and wife, in every respect, to her adolescent daughter. Sexual abuse or violence against children and adolescents is defined as a situation in which children or adolescents are used for the sexual pleasure of an adult or older adolescent, legally responsible for them or who has some family relationship, either current or previouswhich ranges from petting, fondling of genitalia, breasts or anus, sexual exploitation, voyeurism, pornography, exhibitionism, to the sexual intercourse itself, with or without penetration.

Its effects may be devastating and permanent; 19 however, no specific psychiatric symptom resulting from sexual abuse has been described. The complaint is not always clear and, in more common cases, which are chronic and have no specific physical signs, the participation of specialized professionals, such as psychologists, psychiatrists or psychoanalysts, is of paramount importance.

These reports, based only on findings of physical injuries, rule out the possibility of emotional injuries, which leave permanent sequelae if untreated.

The general signs are less drastic but not less severe.

Current view of sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence

The articles of this Code, written inbased on the insufficient knowledge of that time about special characteristics of a developing human being, have been used as models for forensic elemenntales issued by the Medical Legal Service. Family involvement must be taken into consideration, and any kind of improper relationship should be evaluated and treated, so that it can be discouraged and eliminated; otherwise, intergenerational abuse will result and probably recur.

The Brazilian Constitution ofin articleestablishes that “It is the duty of the family, the society and the State to ensure atrauss and adolescents, with absolute priority, the right to life, health, nourishment, education, leisure, professional training, culture, dignity, respect, freedom and family and community life, as well as to guard them from all forms of negligence, discrimination, exploitation, violence, cruelty and oppression.


In this relationship of power, of quests for excess, for whatever is different or even abnormal, little importance is given to children and adolescents and to the consequences of their abuse. Rel is a parentrsco phenomenon found in all age groups, social classes, ethnic groups, religions and cultures that may be regarded as any other gender-related act or behavior, which inflicts physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering on the victim and, in extreme cases, results in death.

Special attention should be given to disabled children and adolescents, whose signs and symptoms of abuse are commonly overlooked and regarded as part of their disease. Specific signs Estructueas they are not always present, the signs and symptoms of physical injury are quite conclusive for the diagnosis of sexual abuse of children and adolescents and should always be investigated.

Briere J, Elliott D. The effects of disclosure and intervention on sexually abused children.

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Prevalence and psychological sequelae of self-reported childhood physical and sexual abuse in a strayss population sample of men and women.

In some situations, when incest is discovered, the mother shows jealousy, regarding her daughter as a rival, blaming her for the abuse.

Children and adolescents are regarded as subjects of rights, considering the peculiar nature of developing human beings, deserving absolute priority. Nevertheless, current studies have demonstrated that some findings on examination may be variations of normal characteristics, whereas others are merely nonspecific abnormal findings.

This demands sensitivity, availability and experience. Sexual abuse, sexual violence, incest, childhood and adolescence.