From versatile Scottish writer Banks, another sf yarn about the tolerant, diverse, far-future Culture (The Player of Games, , etc.). Set in the remote future, Banks’s (Feersum Endjinn) latest novel mounts a galactic-scale space opera, or, to be more exact, a space opera buffa. The Culture, a. Joining me for this review of the fourth book in Iain M. Banks’s Culture Kyle Muntz: For me, Excession broadened the scope of the Culture.

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I have a hollow feeling in my stomach, as if someone just reached their hand down my throat and pulled some of my internal organs out. During these events, and after speaking with Genar-Hofoen, Dajeil decides bankss complete her pregnancy and remain on the Sleeper Servicewhich sets course for a satellite galaxy.

The creature glanced at the holo screens again. The commandant’s breath was gone; he stared into the rock-hard face of the body that had hit him and he sobbed for breath to scream again. Switchback Books December 4, It would check out everything else that it could before it started opening packages with what might prove to be nasty surprises inside.

Basal Ganglia by Matthew Revert March 31, What is it, then?

Excession – Wikipedia

The Minds are really badass. He died the following June. After his first three mainstream novels his publishers agreed to publish his first SF novel, Consider Phlebas. The light was blinding white and the cold, excesslon air rasped the back of his throat.


It takes the air out of the fanciful world of the Culture, and makes them seem exceession like a future proxy for the British Empire, a bunch of ultra-powerful excesslon enforcing their values on everyone they view as stepping out of line.

There’s also a conspiracy going on Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And it found not one but two unusual things. All it’ll say is there’s changes coming, like as not. The Excession of the title is a perfect black-body sphere that appears mysteriously on the edge of Culture space, appearing to be older than the Universe itself and that resists the attempts of the Culture and technologically equivalent societies notably the Zetetic Elench to probe it.

He pointed his knife at the image. Can’t put this off any longer, I suppose, it thought. Some of Genar-Hofoen’s earliest memories were of the long, sunlit kitchen of the house at Ois, back on Seddun Orbital; his mother, the other adults of the house and his various cousins would all be milling around, chattering and laughing while he sat on his uncle’s knee, being told tales.

Excession : Iain M. Banks :

The GCU started to investigate. Genar-Hofoen slapped the table with his hand. But then, as she knew too well, the more fondly we imagine something will last forever, the more ephemeral it often proves to be.


Their conversations are often, but not lain, accompanied by long lines of code extraneous to the meaning of what is communicated. This is Kinda Disappointeddo you read me? Are they being set up for appearances in later novels?

Mine; I bet on that!

Thinking about all that excesion happened. Gas drifted, stuff cooled, other stuff condensed, making pretty designs on the floor. What is going on? My second reason is that the humans characters felt bland for me compared to those in the other books.

Excession by Iain M. Banks

A reverser field clicked on and he looked at himself in it while the last of the water drained away, sucking in his belly and sticking out his chin while he turned his face excessiin the best angle and smoothed down a few upstart locks of his blond curls.

It clasped its hands behind its back. I’m looking back on my review of Player of Games, and notice that Kain also noting the missing humour there.

To this day nobody has seen or heard of the ship. Down the valley, the chimneys above the charnel wagons belched dark smoke.