Exsurge Domine: Johann Eck: helped compose the papal bull Exsurge Domine (June ), in which Pope Leo X condemned 41 of Luther’s theses and . The bull threatening Luther with excommunication, Exsurge Domine (“Arise, O Lord”), was published on June 15, It represented the culmination of several . Exsurge Domine. A bull issued in June by Pope Leo X, threatening the excommunication of Luther. Source for information on Exsurge Domine: The.

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By burning these works, Luther signaled his decisive break from Catholicism’s traditions and institutions. Free will after sin is a matter of title only; and as long as one does what is in him, one sins mortally. No one of sound mind is ignorant how destructive, pernicious, scandalous, and seductive to pious and simple minds these various errors are, how opposed they are sxsurge all charity and reverence for the holy Roman Church who is the exsurgr of all the faithful and teacher of the faith; how destructive they are of the vigor of ecclesiastical discipline, namely obedience.

Brian Harrison argues that a censure of an unspecified nature is potentially subject to future clarification or reform, unlike an ex cathedra definition which is by xomine irreformable. To deny that in a child after baptism sin remains is to treat with contempt both Paul and Christ. The Roman Pontiff, the successor of Peter, is not the vicar of Christ over all the churches of the entire world, instituted by Christ Himself in blessed Peter.

The heads of the three major mendicant ordersthe DominicansFranciscans and Dominnewere represented.

The committee on which Eck sat consisted of some forty members, including cardinals among whom was Cardinal Cajetantheologians and canon lawyers. He would not have found all these errors in the Roman Curia which he attacks so viciously, ascribing to it exsurgee than he should because of the empty rumors of wicked men. In a debate with Eck, Luther himself attempted to defend some of Jan Hus ‘ propositions which the Council of Constance had condemned in globo as either heretical, erroneous, blasphemous, presumptuous, seditious or offensive to pious ears.

No attempt was made to provide specific responses to Luther’s propositions based upon Scripture or Catholic tradition or any clarification of what degree of theological censure should be associated with each proposition listed. These words also serve to open a prefatory prayer within the text of the bull calling on the Lord to arise against the “foxes [that] have arisen seeking to destroy domiine vineyard” and the destructive “wild boar from the forest.


Christians must be taught to cherish excommunications rather than to fear them.

With this official instrument, the Pope had the power to threaten Martin Luther with excommunication if he did not withdraw 41 of his 95 Theses. Witness to this is the condemnation and punishment in the Council of Constance of the infidelity of the Hussites and Wyclifites as well as Jerome of Prague. This virtue is the font and origin of all virtues and without it anyone is readily convicted of being unfaithful. Additionally, the bull contains a directive forbidding any use of Luther’s works and decreeing that they should be burned:.

Some of these have already been condemned by councils and the constitutions of our predecessors, and expressly contain even the heresy of the Greeks and Bohemians. We forbid each and every one of the faithful of either sex, in virtue of holy obedience and under the above penalties to be incurred automatically, to read, assert, preach, praise, print, publish, or defend them. Leo X then proceeded to issue an authoritative condemnation of these forty-one propositions in the following words:.

With the advice and consent of these our venerable brothers, with mature deliberation on each and every one of the above theses, and by the authority of almighty God, the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and our own authority, we condemn, reprobate, and reject completely each of these theses or errors as either heretical, scandalous, false, offensive to pious ears or seductive of simple minds, and against Catholic truth.

As long as we wish to confess all sins without exception, we are doing nothing else than to wish to leave nothing to God’s mercy for pardon.

Exsurge Domine

By no means can you have reassurance of being absolved because of your contrition, but because of the word of Christ: It is a heretical opinion, but a common one, that the sacraments of the New Law give pardoning grace to those who do not set up an obstacle.

Let all this holy Church of God, I say, arise, and with the blessed apostles intercede with almighty God to purge the errors of His sheep, to banish all heresies from the lands of the faithful, and be pleased to maintain the peace and unity of His holy Church.

It is a heretical opinion, but a common one, that the sacraments of the New Law give pardoning grace to those who do not set up an obstacle.

Others disagree with these assessments and advance the alternative view that a censure which may be heretical, but may also be merely “scandalous”, “offensive to pious ears” or “seductive of simple minds”, cannot exusrge accepted as an infallible utterance of the Magisterium. Purgatory cannot be proved from Sacred Scripture which is in the canon. He appended a preface and conclusion and issued the document as an official papal bull on 15 June For we can scarcely express, from distress and grief of mind, what has reached our ears for some time by the report of reliable men and general rumor; alas, we have even seen with our eyes and read the many diverse errors.


He would not have found all these errors in the Roman Curia which he attacks so viciously, ascribing to it more than he should because of the empty rumors of wicked men. Luther MonumentWashington D. As far as Martin himself is concerned, O good God, what have we overlooked or not done? We restrain all in the virtue of holy obedience and under the penalty of an automatic major excommunication….

Some articles of John Hus, condemned in the Council of Constance, are most Christian, wholly true and evangelical; these the universal Church could not condemn.

Exsurge Domine – Papal Encyclicals

To the present day he has been contumacious. Indeed immediately after the publication of this letter these works, wherever they may be, shall be sought out carefully by the ordinaries and others [ecclesiastics and regulars], and under each and every one of the above penalties shall be burned publicly and solemnly in the presence of the clerics and people.

His other teachings perceived as problematic were deemed to warrant lesser degrees of theological censure, including the designations “scandalous” or “offensive to pious ears”. If he had done this, we are certain he would have changed in heart, and he would have recognized his errors.

Exsurge Domine |

Now Augustine maintained that her authority had to be accepted so completely that he stated he would not have believed the Gospel unless the authority of the Catholic Church had vouched for it. Wise in their own eyes, according to the ancient practice of heretics, they interpret these same Scriptures otherwise than the Holy Spirit demands, inspired only by their own sense exxurge ambition, and for the sake of popular acclaim, as the Apostle declares.

Some of these errors we have decided exdurge include in the present document; their substance is as follows: Vatican II — A. Thus we beseech and remind this Martin, his supporters and accomplices of his holy orders and the described punishment.