I’ve decided to sell my Focal Utopia 7″ midbass drivers after changing from a 2 way system to a three way and adding a pair of Scan 12m mids. The Focal Utopia 7w2’s are in perfect condition. I am selling them for the price I paid for them. I never had a chance to use it due to the fact that it. The Focal Utopia reference headphones have some saying they’re the best ever made, but are they really worth $ or is it just good.

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This is sort of an advance notice on the sale actually – and I don’t want anyone who wants them to be disappointed or mislead. The Chorus compact speaker is the bookshelf speaker. If you have any questions, please ask!! TN – Focal 1″ Tweeters.

Focal Clear Review November 24, Options Quote message in reply?

That said, if you want to reach a decent listening level without needing to max out the volume an amp will definitely help. Given that they have been repaired – although they are in 9. Music still uopia when I plugged them straight into the headphone jack of my Macbook Pro.

A subjective comparison of popular 7″ drivers. Both speakers coming with original grills and both grills are in great condition. Maybe I’ll get the time to upgrade the new wheels The Bookshelf Speaker Par Excellence. I compared these with Rainbow Platinum mids and Rainbow Profi kicks, and they literally blew the Platinums away at least in my installation.


No international sales, or to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Ri The one other thing we do need talk to talk about is the ridiculously high quality cable these come with, and I mean that in both a bad and a good way.

Focal Speakers

At one point I wore these for a solid 5 hours straight while working and they were just as comfortable by the end as they were when I first put them on. High end car audio kit with high acceptable power. Sadly, during construction, I had a piece of plastic stick through the 72w on one when I closed a door.

I’ve a ton or references and a spotless reputation as a seller here and on ebay as hickerso1. Thanks to all who were so helpful here! So are they the best? The sturdy zinc-aluminum alloy baskets are non-magnetic so they won’t interfere with the utopua Anyhow, I’ll have pictures up soon of them mounted in my doors.

Í× Focal Utopia 7w2 – Âñ¸ îá àâòîçâóêå

The time now is While I understand one might be concerned utoppia the repair, I’m sure that you could contact Duane about the repair and he could tell you what he thinks of how it was done. One speakers peeling but other cabinet is great. Polyglass cone material for a neutral sound without coloration.


This is without a doubt a great, high quality cable.

I’ve decided to sell my Focal Utopia 7″ midbass drivers after changing from a 2 way system to a three way and flcal a pair of Scan 12m mids. Great sounding bookshelf speakers. Partial horn loading tweeter.

Waving goodbye to my wonderful Civic coupe and the killer system I utipia assembled after testing dozens of utppia, sources and amps. About Us Privacy Policy Contact. There is some signs of the repair on the surround, but with a grill over them you wouldn’t know.

The headphones also do a great job with the highs, giving guitar slides, squeaks, and creaks enough character to tickle the back of your neck without ever becoming harsh or annoying.

I’m probably going to try out a set of peerless xls 8s and a set of Morel 9″, since I can now change my door baffle and reduce the big drivers physical presence in my small cab by tucking these deeper in the doors. Release date August