Learn how to speedsolve the Rubik’s Cube lihgtning fast using the popular CFOP method (Fridrich Method). Simple explanations with images and animations. If you have already read our beginner’s solution guide, you will already know how to do this step. But here are a few tips on how to get faster at. To solve Rubik’s cube, a person has to use a solving method. Fridrich method is one of the easiest and widely used method around the globe!! There are several .

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We then use the formula used in the beginners method, which is called the X PLL. But to correctly orient the corners, there are 7 different cases.

Having said that, you can still with a bit of practice, see the best cross solution in 15 seconds and execute it in well under 3 seconds. Those new to OLL break up the step into two.

First, we will see how to orient the edges and then the corners. The rotation of the upper layer will then bring the pair to where it needs to be once solved.

The first two layers F2L 4 Step 3 of Fridrich method: A new speedcuber just appears! They are the only ones and the best way ftidrich solve them is not really instinctive. Finally, there are two cases that are awful and I would recommend learning them by heart.

Cross – You solve a cross on bottom, like the layer by layer method. The learning can seem long and hard, but do not give up.


There is a third tricky case. Have a look at the following case:.

During the resurgence in speedcubing’s popularity in the late ’90s and early s, there was a general lack of information on the sport. Wiki tools Special pages. It is not tutrial and you will remember them forever. You will need to perform the following algorithm: Look at your Rubik’s cube and try to see tutoria optimal solution for solving the cross. Menu 1 Fridrich method: Either one face is completely finished or none is. I would advice you to get the MoYu Aolong v2, best speed cube ever!

They will be presented with an example.

How to Speedsolve the Rubik’s Cube

The sub-steps are solving the edges and then the corners. Also, the cube is commonly solved with the white side on top for the cross, yellow on the bottom for the cross, and opposite for the other steps. It fririch corner twist as often nor does it lock up. If you’re still confused, take the picture to my left. This should be immediate.

Length moves will appear here. Once you are at that level, you should be able to solve every cross in under 1. This method is for people who can solve the rubik’s cube, hopefully using the beginner layer by layer method, and want to get faster and serious about speedcubing. Having a PLL skip has a chance out of 72 to happen. If on one face the two corners have the same color, then they can be considered as solved and the other two will need to be permuted.

Either the corners are symmetric: So there is no need of turning the faces as fast as possible. Most of the world fastest speedcubing athletes use the Fridrich method to solve the Rubik’s cube.

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Fridrich method : The fastest Rubik’s cube solution for 3x3x3

To improve on the cross, my advice is to solve it blindfolded. The completion of this step leaves one with just the last layer, typically placed on top. They were used tutorjal one after fridrch other in the step 7 of the beginners method. These techniques are very helpful. First we will turn the white corner so that it is not white on top anymore and then solve it with one of the formulas presented above.

Don’t worry if you don’t want learn all that yet.

Fridrich method : The fastest Rubik’s cube solution for 3x3x3 – Rubik’s Cube

In part due to Fridrich’s publication of the method on her website inCFOP has been the most dominant 3×3 speedcubing method since aroundwith it and its variants used by the vast majority of the top speedcubers. Do not under-estimate the progress you can make by just looking at the cube and trying to figure out the cross. Even if you decide not to learn all of them at first, do it progressively. You are now ready to be a speedcuber with your knowledge of the Fridrich method. Orienting the last layer means putting all the yellow stickers on top.