Febr. 2 Goethe ( and editions), and Schubert: “dich” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ( – ), “Ganymed”, written ?, first. Ganymed, D First line: Wie im Morgenglanze. composer. Franz Schubert ( ). March ; first published by Diabelli in as Op 19 No 3. Schubert’s Lied Ganymed D. evokes the rapture of a young man about to embark on his first deeply loving, sensually and spiritually encompassing.

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Please use the dropdown buttons to set your preferred options, or use the checkbox to accept the defaults. There calls the nightingale Lovingly for me from the misty vale. Dass sie hier gewesen D. Hermann und Thusnelda D. Editor Max Friedlaender — Upwards to your bosom, all-loving Father! Lieder on Record, Vol. An die Freunde D.

At this stage of Schubert’s life there is little doubt that he was beginning to feel his own god-like powers, and that his sympathies were with pagan rather than Christian ideals.

Ganymed (“Wie im Morgenglanze”), song for voice & piano, D. 544 (Op. 19/3)

His body of work includes epic and lyric poetry written in a variety of metres and styles; prose and verse dramas; memoirs; an autobiography; literary and aesthetic criticism; treatises on botany, anatomy, and colour; and four novels. Peter Anders singt Arien und Lieder. An die Nachtigall D. Kathleen Ferrier sings Schumann, Brahms, Schubert. Bei dem Grabe meines Vaters D.


Orest auf Tauris D. Kathleen Ferrier [Box Set]. Auf den Tod einer Nachtigall D.

Genre Vocal Music Classical. The site is also available in several languages.

Adelwold und Emma D. In Ganymedthe composer and his collaborator found a pre-echo of their Greek explorations in one of Goethe’s poems penned over forty years previously. Schubeft immediately follows ” Prometheus “, and the two poems together should be understood as a pair, one expressing the sentiment of divine lovethe other misotheism.

I come, Schuvert come! Auf einen Kirchhof D. Introduction English There is spring in the youth’s step from the very beginning; the piano’s left-hand staccato notes ignored by many, even those who rightly choose to play the song in two, rather than four, in the bar underpin the sensuous melody of the right hand. An Schwager Kronos D. In addition, numerous literary and scientific fragments, more than 10, letters, and nearly 3, drawings by him exist.

Ganymed | Oxford Lieder

Sadly the integration of love and sex in a long-term relationship was something that Schubert failed to achieve in his short life, but the transparent and artless way in which this poem has been set is a pointer to his own ability to see sex and love, on the highest level, as one and the same. Edition PetersNo. Poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Die junge Nonne D. One is the lone defiant, the other the yielding acolyte.

Grablied auf einen Soldaten D. Abschied von der Erde D. Recital Covent Garden Ich komm’, ich komme! The great new influence was the poet Johann Mayrhofer, and many of the songs Schubert wrote in that March of were all to do with the world of the ancients as seen through Mayrhofer’s poems: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.


Sprache der Liebe D. Mastercourse Day One 29 Oct Both eventually melt into a single inseparable unity.

Ganymed (Goethe)

Nicholas Boyle has recently pointed out that Goethe was not yet under the influence of the writings of Spinoza when he wrote this poem, and that it seems more influenced by Gottfried von Leibniz who, far from believing that God and Nature are one, postulated that ganmed identity has the single task of representing all the universe from its own point of view.

Trinklied vor der Schlacht D. Retrieved from ” http: Views Read Edit View history.

In der Mitternacht D. Songs Ganymed no. Leiden der Trennung D. Vedi quanto adoro D.

Klage der Ceres D. Ruft drein die Nachtigall Liebend mach mir aus dem Nebeltal. The Hyperion Schubert Edition, Vol. Fragment wchubert dem Aeschylus D. Cheryl Studer in Salzburg. Lieder ; Songs ; For voice, piano ; For voices with keyboard ; Scores featuring the voice ; Scores featuring the piano ; German language.

The Collector’s Edition [Box Set].