GPQ stands for Guideline for Production and Quality Control as explained in H&M’s Quality Manual. But this term also commonly known as Garment Process. গার্মেন্টস এর কিছু এবরিবিয়েশন H&M= HENNAS & MARITZ. G.A.P= GAY AND PROUND. G.C.R=GARMENTS CHECK & RECOMMENDATION. H&M issued the “production and quality control manual” (GPQ), which aims to reach a consensus with the supplier on the acceptable quality standards.

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GPQ should be found as soon as possible and as a guide to solve the problem. So, in the absence of the department head the backup guys can control and conduct all the works properly. Log In Sign Up. Synthetics are NOT excluded Long pile fabric, fake fur etc.: Help Center Find new research papers in: Below products are excluded in this document. Legal proceedings arising out of the import country according to the law.

Quality Manuals, Quality Procedures and Quality Standards of Top Apparel Brands

Individual specimens must not burn faster than 4 – Fabrics with plain surfaces with sec. Day by day our customer and buyer demands are going up increasing. We have two backup guy for every department against the department head.


Use blue wool Plastic decorations on No major change reference fabric h&, swimwear, e. So, we have increased our quality demand with help of these of expert team. After sorting out the matter we sit for a meeting with the related department and try to find out the root cause. Size must conform to the size table, pattern, structural drawings and details of the provisions of the relevant style, size, version, workmanship requirements.

Quality control manual for quality control of H&M compan

Until the confirmation has been approved after the prenatal order goq effect. Self extinguish No flame retardants are allowed Reverse side: If the marker thread is reached after 7 sec, the surface flash is OK.

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Identify problems, identify causes, and prevent problems from happening again. The whole process from the production planning stage until the goods have quality control, this is a very important point.

Record the results of the inspection in the whole production process. Any cost resulting from failure to meet these regulations will be borne by the supplier.

All qualities must fulfil without base burn. It causes no problem.

All requirements are given in minimum value, e. Click here to sign up.


Jewelleries earrings, necklace, bracelet etc. By exam we take the feedback from them. We keep the data from all the departments. We compare the data analysis report result with one month h& another month in every department.

By taking feedback they become in management and for that they can handle their lower level workers smoothly. The country should hold of them. Stop production immediately after defects appear. The quality of the sample should be as close as possible to the fabric composition, structure and weight of the mass product. The color should be consistent with the color version.

Quality Manuals, Quality Procedures and Quality Standards of Top Apparel Brands

However, the main purpose of the inspection is not only to check the percentage of defective products, but also to point out the possible problems, gps to correct these problems as soon as possible in the future production.

One or more functions are requested e. Not applicable for products with no dry rubbing problem.