I’m considering getting the books. I heard good things about them but wanted to know if any of you have used them and what your thoughts are. Guthrie Govan. · Rating details · 46 ratings · 3 reviews. Creative Guitar 2 studies in depth the various techniques used by todays guitar stars in their playing. Hey guys, i’ve started working from Guthrie Govan’s book ‘Creative Guitar 2 – Advanced Techniques’ with my students. The explanation of the.

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Jun 19, 9.

Similarly, on basic theory, I think there are other books with clearer explanations than Govan has. Many of these exercises I have not yet seen on the Internet. Anybody had any experience with these books? I like his attitude. Nick Mucci guuthrie it it was amazing May 19, It’s odd I never heard of him before that.

Jun 18, 4. The first is more focused on theory and the fundamentals of technique. Originally Posted by CC Ben Kerrigan rated it it was amazing Dec hovan, Promotion, advertising and link building is not permitted. I think for a beginner it would be a great thing but I don’t know how much of the content of the books would be something a player at your level would find beneficial.

Guthrie Govan: Creative Guitar

Arup RD rated it really liked it Dec 01, The first book really is mostly theory like you said. Book 1 I enjoyed guthriee first book more overall as far as reading goes. Trey Davis crative it it was amazing Dec 17, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


Jun 17, 2. ErikEklund View Member Profile. The second book is great for shred techniques, although I feel that alternate picking and sweeping are covered better elsewhere. Mike Leuzinger rated it it was amazing Feb 12, Jerry rated it really liked it Jul 27, I am quite impressed with what I’ve seen so far.

Advanced Techniques Volume 2: Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. Anderson Leonel rated it liked it Dec 20, Alan Walters rated it it was amazing Dec 07, Trivia About Creative Guitar: IIrc, some of the same stuff is also in Speed Mechanics The first one I don’t remember Those packages are excellent and well-worth the short-money in my opinion! After speaking with Guthrie a couple years ago, he seemed to be a lot prouder of the first book than the second.

I dont have the books, but I do know this. Michael rated it it was ok May 19, You can’t cover everything in music in just one book or even in two booksand personally I creaitve various other sources for alt. How far in theory does the first one go? I think all these guys ie the usual dozen suspects must have been using the same sets of exercises starting sometime back in the ‘s.

Jun 18, 6. Stuart Hall rated it really liked it Apr 16, I wouldn’t buy that theory book, but that other on technique, you can’t go wrong there. First I’ve heard of it, but given how extraordinary Guthrie’s playing is, I can’t wait to take a look. I like the sweeping exercises better for the yngwie metal style, but guthrie cover’s economy picking well.


Guthrie Govan – Creative Guitar 02 – Advanced Techniques

Jeremy Casey guitsr it it was amazing Feb 20, Kind of similar to Gilberts enthusiasm. It’s got the most comprehensive 8 finger tapping section I’ve ever seen in a guitar book, so that’s good for me.

November 28, at 1: The first one was revelatory, I still use it a lot for most of my theory questions.

It’s great because you can see how Guthrie manages all those techniques and of course it gives you fresh ideas about using them. With an accompanying CD full of riffs and examples to illustrate the exercises and techniques presented, this book guthrje to provide guitarists with a lexicon of new musical ideas and a performance style that sounds both easy and professional.

No, create an account now. Goodreads helps you keep track of govxn you want to read. Jason Guitag rated it it was amazing Nov 28, Let alone, the advanced techniques aswell. I have both of them David and to be honest I don’t know how much a player that is already at your level would benefit from them.

Roger AxetrampleJun 19,