THE COQUETTE; OR, THE HISTORY OF ELIZA WHARTON; A NOVEL; FOUNDED ON FACT. By a LADY of MASSACHUSETTS. [Hannah Webster Foster]. The Coquette (Early American Women Writers) and millions of other books are .. Hannah Webster Foster’s novel The Coquette is an excellent example of. The Coquette, or, The History of Eliza Wharton by Hannah Webster Foster. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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Last Thursday he was here, and desired leave to spend an hour with me.

In truth, Charles, I know of no other way to mend my circumstances. Eliza is liberal and independent.

Richman to morrow, if not before. The penetrating eye of my cousin traced in our countenances the progress of the cause, and the smile of approbation animated hers. Yet I must believe, that Miss Wharton has, in reality, all that virtue and good sense of which she enjoys the reputation; but her present conduct is mysterious.

With the growing popularity of Foster’s novel, the true Elizabeth Whitman and the fictional Eliza Wharton became melded into one and are barely differentiable by most readers today.

Boyer informed me that he should set out to morrow morning, for his future residence, and soon put on the sacred bands. He therefore handed me immediately into his phaeton, and clquette were soon in the assembly room. Laurence, his wife, and daughter, to make us a visit. She waited not for an answer, but immediately rising, begged leave to retire, alledging that she was fatigued.

I AM not so happy to day in the recollection of last evening’s entertainment, as I was in the enjoyment.


The Coquette – Wikipedia

And here I am again over head and ears in the hypo. Let thine end be near! And let her beware of the consequences. We then returned into the house. Thus terminated this affair; an affair, which, perhaps, was only the effect of mere gallantry on his part, and of unmeaning pleasantry on mine; and which, I am sorry to say, has given my friends so much anxiety and concern. But for those of you who are expecting another Pride and Prejudice, I’d keep looking. It’s fascinating to see all the reversals that take place in The Coquette.

We must, my dear sir, continued she, look with a candid eye on such excentricities. Whitman’s life was turned into a moral allegory, [2] ministers and journalists blaming her demise on her reading of romance novels, [3] which gave her improper ideas and turned her into a coquette.

What shall I say now, my friend?

The Coquette by Hannah Webster Foster

After this experience, she decides she wants friendship and independence. Boyer, after the Major took leave, pressed me to give him some assurance of my constancy, I only foater him of the terms of our engagement. It seems to me that love must stagnate, if it have not a light breeze of discord once in a while to keep it in motion.

I believe I shall never coqette resume those airs; which you term coquettishbut which I think deserve a softer appellation; as they proceed from an innocent heart, and are the effusions of a youthful, and cheerful mind. Happy pair, said I.

The Coquette and The Boarding School

The evening is fine beyond the power of description! You say, that I have experienced the scenes of trial, connected with that station. What a pity, my dear Lucy, that the graces and virtues are not oftner united! I’d call it something that couldn’t happen today, but Stormy Daniels has come forward, and no one’s succeeded in silencing her yet. I congratulate you on your agreeable settlement, websster hope it will be productive of real and lasting happiness.


I am surprised, said I: It cannot be the result of her education. YOU ask me, my friend, whether I am in pursuit of truth, or a lady?

The Coquette, or, The History of Eliza Wharton by Hannah Webster Foster

You have hastily perused the preceding lines, and are straining your eye forward to my part of the coqyette for such it may prove after all. Think not, however, that I rejoice in his death.

Stanford, after acting the exact same as Eliza does, gets treated like a lost soul, everyone tbe for his reform, whereas Eliza gets tossed aside and labelled as a broken woman. You, madam, have passed through this scene of trial, with honor and applause.

I have not felt one sensation of genuine pleasure since I heard my sentence; yet I acquiesced in it, and submissively took my leave; though I doubt not but I shall retaliate the indignity one time or other.

Miss Wharton and I, said Mrs. The New England Quarterly The Coquette by Hannah Webster Foster .