Harem [Colin Falconer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. He had everything a man might dream of; wealth, power and the choice of. Harem by Colin Falconer – book cover, description, publication history. Last seen amidst the bloodthirsty Aztecs (Feathered Serpent, ), Falconer checks into a Turkish harem.

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But it is made clear to you that you are now a slave. Refresh and try again. So you cannot afford failure. We hear not only from him, but from falcone three women the story focuses on: Dari aspek itu, aku merasa harus memberi 3 bintang, karena ya aku suka.

Dengan ketelanjangan itu masing-masing gadis berusaha memamerkan dirinya kepada gadis yang lain.


But it will all count for nothing unless you get pregnant and bear the Sultan a son. This one woman, Hurrem, manages to take down an entire empire, all while only ever being seen by a handful of men – the sultan and his personal eunuchs.

Abbas berniat melarikan diri bersama Julia, karena cinta mereka dihalangi oleh ayah Julia, bangsawan Gonzaga. Endlessly manipulative and clever, she carefully arranges the downfall of her rivals and endears herself to coljn Sultan, which places her at the center of the Empire’s power. This is historical fiction, and it should be treated like that – just one other “what if”.

But the men had done as they had been ordered and they wheeled away without another word, the sickle-bladed yataghan s at their waists faoconer in their scabbards. Sungguh tidak tidak gampang menjadi Sulaiman. Clever story, very well told.


This book is a fwlconer account of Suleiman’s reign, beginning with his successful campaign against the Christian stronghold of Rhodes in and carrying through his relations with his sons over who would be sultan after him. If you can please the Lord of Life then he might invite you back to his bed again. He looked as if he were about to faint.

Dulu, aku ngefans banget sama Putri Huan Zhu. Gale rated it liked it Mar 25, He travels regularly to research his novels and his quest for authenticity has led him to run with the bulls in Pamplona, pursue tornadoes across Oklahoma and black witches across Mexico, go cage shark diving in South Africa and get tear gassed in a riot in La Paz. He had everything a man might dream of; wealth, power and the choice of hundreds of the most beautiful women in his Empire.

I was working inside – in an office! Like so many stories that take place in the harem, the ladies in here are not necessarily sympathetic, but they are interesting.

Harem by Colin Falconer

My only real complaint about the novel is that for such a good book, the proofreading was not so great. He emigrated to Australia where he helped a mate establish a new advertising agency. This was the courtyard of the Sultan Valide! Sordid rated it really liked it Mar 25, Return to Book Page. But one young Russian concubine inside his seraglio was not content to allow fate decide cllin course of her life.


You must be clever and you must be charming and you must be attractive and you must be utterly ruthless. He examined her head to toe, as the spahis had done the day her father had traded her.

Nah, awalnya aku suka, aku memang selalu suka cerita ttg kehidupan di balik istana, apalagi kalau sudah mengisahkan intrik2 para perempuannya. This was the moment for which she had gambled so much and all she could think about was the pain in her knees. If you do, your power will be unquestioned, you will rule the entire Harem and your son will reign supreme in the country that made you a slave. You are put into the care of the Mistress of the Robes, where your flair for needlework is put to good use.

Even though I read it years ago, I still think of it after all this time. He asked the wind to carry his words across the plain so that she would remember him.

It was nothing like that. The Kislar Aghasi murmured his agreement.