Products; /; Prepregs & Resins; /; Modipur® Polyurethanes. Modipur Header. HiFlow™ is Hexcel’s new trademark for a family of next generation liquid resins . Medium Temperature Curing Epoxy Resin Matrix for Prepregs. EU Version. Product: MH. Medium Temperature Curing Epoxy Resin Matrix for Prepregs.

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Depending on the tooling design and material a dwell may be required. Today, engine nacelles and thrust reversers include so many major composite components that carbon fibre epoxy prepregs account for typically half the volume of the entire nacelle structure. Chomarat signs a distribution agreement Launch customer Qatar Airways is expected to receive its first A in mid and introduce it into passenger service soon afterwards. New technologies Mackenzie also talked about two new Hexcel technologies for future aircraft programmes.

Hexcel launches fast-curing HexPly M77HF prepreg for low-pressure processing | JEC Group

In addition to prepreg technologies, the company is also developing out of autoclave technologies, and trying to anticipate future demands of aerospace manufacturers. Airbus Helicopters unveils third H prototype with striking carbon livery Hexcel Corporation has introduced its third H prototype for Airbus Helicopters.

Metyx announces expansion plans of its Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Open the catalog to page 5. Hexcel launches fast-curing HexPly Open the catalog to page 4. HexPly M77HF also has good resin transparency, provides good surface quality without pinholesand can be supplied with black pigmented resin.


Open the catalog to page 3.

Be the first to know. This is a UD tape reinforcement designed for out of autoclave processing of primary aircraft structures which is said to offer mechanical properties equivalent to prepregs.

Typical applications for HexPly M77HF are sports equipment such as golf shafts, bicycle components, hockey sticks, arrow shafts and fishing rods.

The information contained herein is believed to be the best available at the time of printing but is given without acceptance of liability, whether expressed or implied, for loss or damage attributable to reliance thereon.

Hexcel to promote aerospace applications at Air Show China From carbon fibres and reinforcement fabrics, through to RTM resins, prepregs, tooling materials and structural parts, Hexcel is present prfpreg every stage. This has improved the quality, accuracy and consistency of the resin film, giving customers greater control of the cured ply thickness in the parts they produce. Gurit transfers UK prepreg business to Our website uses cookies Cookies enable us to provide the best experience possible and help us understand how visitors use our website.

For Hexcel, the first flight of the A XWB will be the culmination of eight years of product development and qualification and investment in new and expanded manufacturing facilities. Hybrids dominate at Composites Europe The Online Industrial Exhibition. Open the catalog to page 8.


Materials development Hexcel secured the contract to supply carbon fibre materials for the A XWB’s primary structures inby developing a complete composite proposal, including prepreg and associated products. Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space.

This article is also appears in To produce the vast quantities of prepreg required for the A XWB programme Hexcel introduced a orepreg model for the cost-effective large-scale production of prepreg.

Hexcel reports that this supply chain model for prepreg production results in shorter lead times, greater responsiveness, reduced transportation of materials, point of use delivery, less packaging, reduced inventory and less requirement for cold storage space. Hexcel has a long history of supplying structural prepregs to the aerospace industry.

Hexcel launches fast-curing HexPly M77HF prepreg for low-pressure processing

Cookies enable us to prepgeg the best experience possible and help us understand how visitors use our website. JEC World promotes business and innovation. Hexcel chemists developed HexPly M21E epoxy resin to provide enhanced toughness and durability, to ensure the propertiest of the fibre are fully optimised in the cured prepreg laminates.

Chomarat invests in a carbon multiaxial