The strength of Hautman’s (Godless) painfully sad novel is the wisecracking but clearly unreliable voice of its narrator, year-old Douglas. Invisible [Pete Hautman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. You could say that my railroad, the Madham Line, is almost the most important. Invisible / Pete Hautman. Doug and Andy are unlikely best friends–one a loner obsessed by his model trains, the other a popular student involved in football and .

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Apr 08, Loveliest Evaris rated it really liked it Recommends it for: A short, fast read, it is long on thematic content. There was this little symbol the main character was developing throughout the novel and soon enough, you could tell it was going to turn into fire. You want to come?

When he is beaten so savagely that he ends up in the hospital, and those who attacked him are not punished, years of anger and trying to keep control lead to a frightening conclusion. Jul 07, Mary rated it did not like it Shelves: Plus he doesn’t take his medication!

‘Invisible’ by Pete Hautman Summary | torydeluhery

Though when they get cold Doug suggests starting a fire in the treehouse insisting it would be okay but it ended with the treehouse being burned down. Next to Andy Morrow, my best friend Miracle or Natural Phenomenon. So what did you do today? This topic is front page news right now, as teens are committing suicide at an alarming rate one death is too many, in my mind as a consequence of bullying.

Doug asserts himself when he says that he and Andy hqutman like this — crosses fingers I thought the ending was so sad. The invisilbe style could use some help.

Hautmaj highly recommend for literature circles that focus on “Mental Illness” as the theme. And Hautman leaves us with no pat answers – there is lots of gray area here.


Invisible by Pete Hautman by Luciano verd on Prezi

Books of the Week. The narrative is captivating enough if you haven’t figured it out, yet casts everything in a totally different light once you do. It’s an artful move — to have this twist work on both sides. This is a beautiful and somewhat frightening story about friendship that can’t be described with words.

Of course, I assumed that the two boys did something intimate, but of course I was wrong: Okay, this book wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read, but it was good. Apr 29, Monday M rated it it was amazing.

Who knows if Andy’s ghost really did co This was the first book infisible to make me cry. I really enjoyed the idea of the story and the idea of the characters. I think Pete Hautman’s audience is teens our age. The central twist is extremely obvious, if readers aren’t seeing the big picture by the tenth chapter they need to re-read more carefully.

He smashes his bridge not being fully aware of what he is doing and he begins to become aware of the fact that Andy is truly dead. However, I feel that the plot and characters were lacking actual depth to them.

Invisible (Hautman novel)

I think this is my own idea, I doubt anyone has interpreted Doug’s undeniable mental illness as him being autistic with a dash of PTSD, but this sort of diagnostic thing isn’t my forte, plus stuff like this overlaps, doesn’t it?

He was an artist and loved to paint kitties.

Doug is a model-train obsessed outsider who dreams of a romance with one of the “pretty girls” but can never make himself talk to her; Andy is the football team’s starting quarterback and acts in school plays.

When Doug visits the school his parents want him to go to it is slowly hinted that it may be a school for crazy people who take deep medications and have meltdowns. It got all spiky and shtuff. I really liked that this was my second YA book to prove to me that people are writing books about the “other” kids in the world. Andy tells Doug that he has been with him the whole time and that he would never leave him. Later I realized they were matches. I have my suspicions, but I don’t know and probably will never know.


Invsible by Pete Hautman. The chapters are short and taut, infused with a sinister edge that is typically unfound in YA novels. Anyway, I’m glad I got named after a general instead of a politician.

A Division of Sanval Availability: Invisible is about a boy named Dougie and his best friend Andy. Many people feel isolation in society and the author depicts this feeling through “Dougie” Hanson the main character. One measure hautmqn how sympathetically the author has portrayed him is that even though he stalks a classmate, you root for him to get away with it.

I feel like peye irritation added to the effect of feeling like I was in the mind of a mad man. The way I felt involved was i felt like I was with the main character the whole time, whenever inviisible was with his best friend or building his bridge. Andy had died in a fire before the start of the book. Apr 30, Alexander Harms rated it it was amazing. For a few years Doug thought Andy was in his life, they bby and hung out. Where Doug is what the gorgeous Melissa Haverman calls a “worm,” Andy is one of the most popular boys in school — a football star who’s also successful in drama and on student council.

Invisible has a few key characters.