iText will never compress an XMP metadata stream; all other content streams are compressed by default. Compressing and decompressing existing files. iTextSharp is AGPL-licensed, so you must release source code of your solution or Pdf can reduce size of compressed and uncompressed PDFs to different. C# and itextsharp PDF compression When I take the file and open it in Acrobat X, I can get the compression down to just Existing Members.

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Carlos Arturo Bernal Carvajal.

The rest is actual image compression inside the PDF. Don’t tell someone to read the manual. Articles Quick Answers Messages Use my saved content filters.

ChrisHaas True, but this can be dangerous. PDF compression won’t help you in this case, but if you pass such a “bad” PDF through iTextSharp’s PdfSmartCopythen PdfSmartCopy will detect the redundant objects and reorganize the file so that objects that are repeated over and over again in the file for instance: When answering a question please: PDF folders to zip files and they didn’t compress much either. Read the question carefully.

compress pdf file with itextsharp

RemoveUnusedObjects ; will also help you recent versions remove unused objects by default. However you may be able to use System. Akshaya Dash 8-Sep 5: It still works but it is very close to the upper limit.


Ok Suresh, that is not possible.

We have mentioned several ways depending what content your pdf has: PdfStamper is a helper class that ultimately uses another class called PdfStamperImp to do most of the work. J-man 3 Nov 12, If you let a machine decide whether or not to reduce the resolution, you’ll never be certain if the text will still be legible after “compression”.

Leonard, didn’t know at first what you meant with “refrying” but found this article of yours which explains it quite well: Sign up using Email and Password.

I will look into it more and see if I can tweak it down to a reasonable file size. As you can see, compressing as many objects as possible is the most effective option in this example, but be aware that the compression percentage largely depends on the type of content in the document.

PDF files can commonly be compressed much. Amsala Suresh, Suresh Amsala wrote. JonyGreen I’m not a developer, i always use this free online pdf to image converter http: A lot of people are against trying to do this yourself because any mishap and you corrupt the entire PDF file. It has a the ability to optimize it for you and get great compression ratios.


how to optimize pdf using c# programming.

There’s actually a third parameter that you can pass to SetPageContent to set your specific compression level if you want. After executing the code the pdf file generated with size of KB. With that said there are some 3rd party tools out there that will do it for you, but I don’t know of any free ones. In iText you got several options: There are several options but mkl is right: Yes, iText and iTextSharp support compression.

iText – Reduce PDF file size

In which version of itextsharp exist below properties. Monday, September 14, 5: Adding metadata iText 5. The result is a document whose PDF syntax can be seen in the content streams of each page when opened in a text editor. Chances are they have and don’t get it.

Also, just to throw iyextsharp out there because I deal with this at my day job, there’s a third type of “compression” that iText does not directly handle, and that’s lossy compression of images which will often do the most dramatic reduction of file size if you are willing to sacrifice quality.