The kawai q80 has an average rating of out of 5.(The kawai q80 has a total of 35 reviews). The seller I got the GOTEK from lists the KAWAI Q80 as a FYI: The Q80 is rapidly becoming my favorite all time hardware sequencer. Find great deals for Kawai Q Digital Midi Sequencer. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Alternatively, a track can be quantised after it has been recorded. If that isn’t enough, you can store approximatelynotes in up to songs on one floppy disk. The Q80’s front panel provides a well-arranged grouping of functions into a matrix switch-and-LED array.

Kaawai find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Bar editing permits you to delete a bar, group of bars, or entire Track, insert a bar or Motif into any point within a Track or Motif, erase a bar or group of bars this results kxwai a rest because the bar lengths remain intactmix bars between Tracks or Qq80, and oawai a bar or group of bars to another location within the same Track or Motif.

Please let me know asap. This, in effect, allows you to quantise the end time of the notes when played back from the Q Personally, I was amazed and excited by the flexibility and processing capability that was now available to those who wanted that kind of power. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Hi, I have a q I might sell. AQ also permits selective quantisation of individual notes and the deliberate shifting of notes out of time for some interesting musical effects. In particular, I have found disk storage to be one of the more useful additions to kxwai in general over the last few years. MIDI data is stored in ten files, each file having 16 tracks and each track having blocks.


These MIDI control events are MIDI performance commands that affect the playing style of the music – adding or removing patch change commands as well as adding, removing or editing amounts of velocity, vibrato, sustain pedal, volume pedal, breath controller and so forth. Active Quantising allows you to kxwai only those notes that are way off in timing, and leave those notes alone that are just a little out of time.

Previous Article in this issue Playing The Game. It has some excellent editing capabilities, making it a contender when shopping for a sequencer, either hardware or computer-based. The Q works well in the studio and for live performances. The drive unit appears to be well-built, and its operation is smooth and almost silent.

Kawai Q-80 Sequencer buy one get one free!

Notify me of new comments via email. Next article in this issue We Are The Management.

Will I use these extensively? You can also adjust velocity and gate time for individual notes as opposed to the Bar Edit functions, which can only adjust everything in a bar or group of bars.

Both kadai were in mint condition without any sign of wear. Here’s how it works: These edit parameters deal with the performance characteristics of a Song or Motif such as pitch-bend, vibrato, sustain pedal, volume pedal, and so forth.

Impressive as it may be, an instrument can never be everything to everybody, and there are certain things that need to be addressed here. Dave Bertovic investigates the hardware alternative. You cannot copy a Song to another Song location within the Q The punch points can be entered by the use of a footswitch plugged into the rear panel. AQ allows you to quantise only those kawa that are way off in timing, and leave those notes alone that are just a little out of time.

There can be up to Kawa per Song. Finally, a drawback to the Punch Record function is that you must punch-in and punch-out at kaeai bar marks. You must also be very careful when editing a Track within a Song, because if a Motif is present within a bar range, an Error message appears.


As software writers continue to flood the market with sequencing packages, Kawai go kwai. Music Technology – Nov Also, some people find certain key strokes and mouse movements used in executing various functions difficult or clumsy, especially when speed kswai important. Searchable archive of old, out-of-print music production magazines. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The Q80 also provides an additional 64K of internal memory for kaai MIDI System Exclusive data in ten separate files for patch data storage as well.

Songs are saved and loaded one at a time and you may re-assign the Song numbers if necessary. If you value this resource, you can support this project – it really helps!

Kawai Q – Wikipedia

If you’re not familiar with current sequencer technology, some of the functions may not be as clearly covered as you might need. But that’s not all the editing you’re able kawaai perform, because in Step Recording you are given the ability to perform many of the above functions in addition to others not found in Song Edit or Motif Edit.

Well, the former deals directly with the musical data: The Q80 also utilises a function, called Motif, that can be used within each Song. At the punch point, the specified track range to be replaced is muted so that you can rehearse the new part.

Kawai’s first sequencer offers a multitude of elaborate features including extensive editing capabilities, patch storage and a floppy disk drive.