This is an overview of the Kdenlive video editor. It shows When experimenting with the concept of making Linux tutorial and review videos. covers the installation and launch of the open source video editing software Kdenlive, with an in-depth look at what it can do. introduces the open source video editing software, Kdenlive, highlighting its capabilities in effects and transitions.

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The panel at the bottom of the window holds the timeline. If your transition is two seconds long, that is 50 images at least. If you select the clip here and proceed as above, you’ll remove it also from the project.

I’ll mix things tutorixl a bit, because things get a little more complex when you want to make a transition with an animated mask.

If you uncheck it, the effect will not be applied but still remains in the effect list with the selected parameters if any!

If you have different effects applied to your clips, in this tab you will be able to define the order in which they are applied and also parametrise them. Finally, line 3 draws a yellow circle, which is, of course, Pacman with his mouth completely closed Figure This will ensure any leftover bits from the first clip will have disappeared completely and gracefully by the end of your custom transition. Then open the chroma sequence by doing the same, except now pick chroma Then you crop both transitory frames and give them their final place in the sequence lines 43 and Both sequences will load into Kdenlive and you will be able to work with them as if they were clips.


Click on your Composite and transform transition in the timeline and make your transition about one second long. At some point, you will see a red rectangle with a red square in its center. You can play now creating a new transition between clips in tracks 1 and 2 in the same way as explained above. In this tab you’ll be able to change the transition parameters if needed.

You do this because, before creating the final transition frames, you have to fit your animation image mostly outside the frame on the right in the first few transition frames and mostly outside the frame on the left in last few.

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Tutorials | Kdenlive

There are some ways to remove a clip from the timeline. Kdenlive will calculate all of the intermediate levels of opacity so that the mask will gradually fade in between the two keyframes. The Project Tree shows the video clips, images, slideshows, colour clips and title clips that belong to your project. Then you place another keyframe further down the timeline, select it, and make the mask’s opacity percent.

The Capture monitor allows you to directly capture video from a number of sources: You can recenter your mask in the red rectangle by dragging its center over to the visible ttuorial center. To create a title clip, select “Add clip” icon and, in the context menu, select “Create Text Clip”.

This is useful if you want to use it later on. The free editing program Lightworks Free makes small video editing projects easy.

Tutorials – Kdenlive and ImageMagick

One of the last options in the properties panel is the Compositing drop-down. On the third track, put the first clip you want to transition from and align the end of that clip with the end of the animation sequence.


The panel to the top left holds various informational and editing tabs about the current project:. It also displays the timeline time of your cursor. In a comparison test, we checked out nine free video editing programs: By using two very different tools, Kdenlive and ImageMagick, you can make animation less tedious and create some pretty cool video effects and transitions.

One to Track 1 and the other to Track 2. This is the frame of your mask. Be sure that the option “Render file now” is selected. For the purpose of this Quickstart guide, and in order to show you the basic Kdenlive functionalities, we’ll work with two of your clips, adding a title at the beginning, a video transition between them and a video effect to a part of one clip. Simply move the mouse cursor to the beginning or end of the clip you want to resize.

The complexity comes not so much from the theory, since the principles are the same.

Tutorials – Kdenlive and ImageMagick » Linux Magazine

AtVersion A yellow bar will appear between the clips in tracks 0 and 1 indicating your transition has been added to the project. The selected zone between the in and out point will then appear there as a clip to be more precise, a subclip as we’ve selected only a part of the original clip. This is useful if you want, for example, mute a part of a clip.

In the same way as transitions, you can also edit the effect parameters.