The execute command is used to evaluate a string as if it were a Vimscript . Responsible Coding. So far we’ve covered a bunch of Vim commands that let. Functional Programming. We’re going to take a short break now to talk about a.

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This chapter was intense! I love technical books that give you real projects and meaningful exercises to do instead of tacking them on as an aft A great introduction to the baroque, deranged and annoyingly useful mess that is scripting and extending Vim.

Vimscript has all the pieces necessary to program in a kind-of-functional style, but it’s a bit clunky. Is the overhead of having a few copies of a list around really going to make a noticeable difference?

Vim will open the first file in a vertical split to the right of the second file. Lists with This Book. This lets you programmatically read and modify the current search pattern, which can be very useful at times.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. I actually did them! Assoc short for “associate” returns a new ivmscript, with the element at the given index replaced by the new value. Jun 12, Max rated it really liked it. Vimscript functions must start with a capital letter if they are unscoped!


Learn Vimscript the Hard Way: Steve Losh: : Books

Writing a plugin and allowing for user customization introduces another entire layer above that! Vim will display bar.

Run the following commands:. Vim echoes [1, 2, 3, 4].

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Higher-Order Functions Let’s create a few of the most commonly-used higher-order functions.

Prerequisites / Learn Vimscript the Hard Way

Find out how to make Vim fold everything automatically the first time you open the file. The execute command evaluates this as a Vimscript command which opens the split with the file. Great book to learn VIM!! It returns a copy of the list that contains only the elements of the original where the result of calling the function on it is “truthy”. After chapter 41 “Creating a Full Plugin” there is a turning point.

Responsible Coding

The second way to call functions is in expressions. I read it, did most of the hare, contributed to someone else’s plugin and wrote one of my own different from the one you build in the book. The second shows us that if a Vimscript function doesn’t return a value, it implicitly returns 0. Showing of 1 reviews. Try setting a boolean option like wrap to something other than zero or one. As we saw before, this calls GetMeow and passes the return value to echom.


Vim displays [[], []]. I’ve been using Vim for around a decade now, accumulating stolen snippets and tentatively writing some little functions to help me work better sometimes, but after reading this book I feel empowered to do more than that.

You might be thinking that copying lists all over the place is wasteful, since Vimsvript has to constantly create new copies and garbage collect old ones. The only difference in the code is the single ‘! To easily find the location and name of the file on any operating system, run: I have sort of a love hate relationship with this book.

If the user wants to input a tricky string that will cause an execute command to do something bad, well, it’s their computer!