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The invention relates to an antenna comprising a plurality of individual radiators 1 that form an antenna field with an aperture in the x and y direction and emit electromagnetic radiation substantially in the z direction. The filter system 1 according to the invention is characterised in that nitegra device 11 is provided which can be introduced into the container 2 in order to form a second liquid-receiving compartment 21wherein the device 11 comprises at least one through flow opening for the liquid 3 enriched with ingredients, which opening can be closed such that the beverage base 4 cannot develop further in the liquid-receiving compartment 21 formed by the device The methods of the invention may be used, in particular, for the provision of vaccines which are specific for a patient’s tumor and, thus, in the context of personalized inyegra vaccines.

Furthermore, the invention relates to a method for the chipless cutting to length of a plastics imtegra and to the use of an aqueous gel as an application lubricant for the workpiece-side contact points during the chipless cutting to length of a plastics or plastics composite workpiece After the filling process, the other, still-open side of the hollow cylinder is closed off in the same way by means of a lid element 5 with closure.

To this end, the transponder 1 is arranged between the bead filler 5 and an outer ply turnup 17 of the carcass ply, the kntegra dimension 18 in the radial direction of the vehicle tyre between the transponder 1 and the lower side of the bead filler 5 being at least 3 oei.

The placement module is configured to select a ontegra of candidate paths based on the capacities of the physical links, and to determine, for the set of candidate paths and according to the modified costs, integar optimal placement of VNFs on network nodes satisfying the at least one placement constraint.

The medical device is connected to at least one calibration portsaid calibration port having sensor means for oei a spatial emission characteristic of a light-guiding fiber introduced into the calibration port Furthermore, the invention also relates to corresponding methods and a computer program.

The invention also relates to a machine element 2 having a sliding surface 1 formed according to the above-mentioned method. The aim of the invention is to provide a vehicle tire having a transponder, in the case of which the transponder can be integrated into the vehicle tire in a simple manner.

Amtliches Kursblatt der Börse München |

Advantageously, the modules of the device are configured to jointly determine the implementation of the network slice by determining the placement of the VNFs and their connections so that the overall network costs are minimized and all the constraints are satisfied. Further provided are a new diagnostic and therapeutic method and a drug screening platform for PTEN expression regulation related diseases, in particular neuroglioma.


The present invention relates to solid forms with an antimicrobial activity comprising a polysaccharide and triiodide, where the triiodide decomposition to iodide and volatile iodine is significantly suppressed by the presence of a stabilizer, further it relates to the preparation and use thereof.

Imitation beetle elytron wings 2 are used as horizontal wings of an aircraft. The closing device includes: The present disclosure also relates to a corresponding method and computer program for such a working machine At least some of the dividing walls have an irregularity 3 that interrupt the aperture that is otherwise level in the z direction.

The wireless device may determine a communication configuration for the CSI-RS and the uplink data such that no collision occurs. The present invention relates to an apparatus for drying bulk goods and a method for continuously drying bulk goods.

The system effectively utilises waste latent heat energy in the waste heat exchanger, and reduces energy waste. The processor can be further configured to remove or drop one or more frames from the current group of frames.

The electrically conductive metal particles can comprise: The transmitter communication device comprises a processor configured to process a first frame of a current, i.

A process for making edible oil-continuous emulsions by mixing slurries of hardstock fat crystals in oil with an aqueous phase to form an emulsion followed by addition of a melted hardstock.

Provided is a real-time data scheduling method having a fault tolerance function for use in the field of rail transportation, said method comprising the following steps: The rotor 1 can consist of laminations, which are configured such that a combination of the rotor units 11, 12 with different operating principles is facilitated.

The invention relates to a measuring probe for scanning light beams 10 or laser beams.


The sensor electrode 5 and the antenna coil 2 have an electrically conductive screen 4 arranged between them that is couplable to a screen potential by means of the control and evaluation circuit.

A method for monitoring a switching system is also disclosed.

Since the second call setup procedure running independently from the first call setup procedure may result in unnecessary and undesired alerting Ghost or Phantom ringing at the second terminal, the invention provides for sending a cancel oei to the second terminal to stop the continuously running second call setup procedure under certain conditions.

More in particular, the oil-continuous emulsions are spreads or margarines. The invention intsgra to a discharge head 10 pei the nasal application of pharmaceutical liquid intgera a pressure reservoirwhich has an outlet valvewhich has a valve connecting pieceto which force can be applied against a spring force in order to open the outlet valve A capsule has an outlet wall 4 that comprises an opening 5 and a closing member 6 for the opening; the closing member is integral with the outlet wall of the capsule and extends from the inner side of the outlet wall, inside the capsule.


The consumable cartridge 1 comprises a casing 2 defining a cavity Cthe casing comprising a first region 4 and a second region 6.

The invention relates to a positioning device for positioning a light-conducting fibre in a calibration port of a medical device having at least one light source for the light-conducting fibrewherein the positioning device has an elongated body with two end surfacesand at least one side surface The invention relates to a tyre 1having a cord inlay 7a steel cord belt layer 8and a tread 10wherein the tyre 1 is rotatable about an axis of rotation 11 in a circumferential direction 12 and has a tyre zenith 13wherein the tyre 1 comprises at least one electromagnetic transmitting and receiving device 14wherein the at least one electromagnetic transmitting and receiving device 14 comprises at least one sensor element 15wherein the at least one electromagnetic transmitting and receiving device 14 comprises a piezoelement 16and wherein the at least one electromagnetic transmitting and receiving device 14 is arranged spatially between a region 17 of the cord inlay 7 and a first region 18 of the tread The blade comprises first 12 and second 14 half shells bonded together and a shear web 16 bonded inside the shells.

The housing encloses a cavity. The left and right imitation beetle elytron wings 2 are connected to a fuselage 1 by free hinges 6. The output gear is engaged with the outer ring of the transmission bearing for transmission.

Suspension mechanism 1 involves at least one parallelogram and straight line mechanism 2 at least one rotating arm connected to the parallelogram through spherical joint 5 and attached to frame 10 through a rotational joint.

Autonomous System (AS) Numbers

The present invention solves the technical problem in the prior art that the accuracy of an acquired focus of a judgement document is low due to the focus of the judgement document being lfi by manually marking a key word and subjectivity of the acquired focus of the judgement document being strong.

For this purpose, a device is proposed, which comprises a scanning body 20 with a light beam entry surface 22a light beam exit surface 23a sample light exit surface 25 and a probe area The light source can be connected to at least one light-guiding fiber ,ei that electromagnetic radiation generated by the light source with a defined light output is at least partly coupled into the light-guiding fiber When the aircraft flies horizontally, the imitation beetle elytron wings 2 turn upwards and level out to become fixed wings, providing the lift force required for horizontal flight.

A method for modelling engine emissions output is provided. The plane of wheel 6 is perpendicular to or parallel with plane 3 of the suspension of wheel 6.