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My children were a little off-put by the exaggerated proportions espedial the Wemmicks, findi A quick, charmingly allegorical read with an invaluable message. His name was Punchinello.

This is a fantastic book that especal everyone that reads it, regardless of their age, that it is more important to love yourself esppecial to care what other people think of you. Little Punchinello is someone I think we can all relate to in the knowledge that sometimes we don’t feel like we’re good enough, but that just means we’re measuring ourselves to the wrong standard. Punchinello always tried to get gold st Max Lucado’s story ‘You are Special’ is a written as a children’s book but it is one of those books which isn’t only appealing to children.

But this book has a beautiful message that you were created to be unique and you are not a mistake. Amazon Media EU S.

A quick, charmingly allegorical read with an invaluable message. Crossway 30 de junio de Vendido por: It is a beautiful story about what makes us special.

You Are Special (Wemmicksville, #1) by Max Lucado

When I saw this book, I did not hesitate to read it before bringing it back. One day Punchinello met a Wemmick who had no stars or dots on her, and he becomes friends with her.

This jax showed me that other people’s opinions do not determine how special I am – what God thinks of me does.


I was the girl who always was quiet so I had a teacher or two tell me that I wasn’t going to get very far. Little Punchinello is someone I think we can a This is a fantastic book that teaches espdcial that reads it, regardless of their age, that it is more important to love yourself than to care what other people think of you. I know she’s fictional, but I want to be just like her and not let the dots nor the stars stick!

Jul 31, Andrea Warner rated it it was amazing Shelves: In my personal philosophy, I deemphasize the notion of “self-esteem” and instead prefer what I call “Christ-esteem”–having a sense of self-worth that is based on how the Savior sees us. Amazon Music Transmite millones de canciones.

Oct 03, Maleigha rated it it was amazing Shelves: The good looking or talented Wemmicks receive gold stars while those whose wood is rough or chipped or who can’t do much get grey dots. The message of the story can speak to both adults and children lirbo and is definitely one of my favourites.

Tu Eres Especial / You Are Special

The look on her face when Eli tells Punchinello that he made him just the way he is and he loves him because of how he made him brought tears to my eyes. I love the lucaado I was 26 years old and found this msx book on the shelf at my friend’s house. I should have checked before ordering but it is only about 4×6 inches and the beautiful illustrations are really hard to see because they are tiny.

Interactions Between Text and Illustrations: Eli tells him that he does not have to defend himself and that he should not care what the other Wemmicks think for he, Punchinello, is very special. Awards and accolades follow Max with each book he writes. Add to Cart Pocket Prayers: One unfortunate wooden person named Punchinello was the one who was always getting gray dots due to him not being able to do any fantastic stunts and not having smooth wood and fine paint on himself.


We use them all the time. It is important for children to grow up understanding that they have just as much to offer as anybody surrounding them.

You Are Special: Max Lucado, Sergio Martinez: : Libros

I constantly performed for the stars and felt so down when someone gave me a dot. When he meets Lucia he is amazed that she has no stars or dots on her. It is not our ability to do a great cartwheel or sing a song beautifully that makes us special, our “specialness” comes from being Children of God.

In our cruel world, it is too often that people are The perfect book to read to a student espwcial feels as though they are not good enough to fit in or are different from those around them. This was probably the most impactful book es;ecial my childhood, as I took the theme of the book to heart, and I was able to apply the meaning of the book to my life while I was navigating a difficult time in my life where I felt that I was being given many “gray dots. I also loved how gorgeous the landscape looks as the Wemmick village truly stands out in this book as it looks esoecial an old fashioned village from the Renaissance era and yet, it is unique due to the wooden people occupying the village.

I really liked this book and recommend this to any child who has ever felt as if they don’t have anything to mwx.

You Are Special Author: Tapa dura Compra verificada. Another book my mom gave me when I was having one of ‘those’ days.