Mackie & VLZ3 While large consoles may attract all the longing glances, the reality is that many studios now can do without them, but there remains a. Find great deals for Mackie Vlz3 8 Channel Compact Audio Mixer. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Most people need mic preamps – the Mackie VLZ3 has three. Most people don’t need more than six channels, this has eight. Most people want excellent.

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I just mutate easily, which go to the speaker and what is going to sound card, I control the volume of my speakers from the table and 80 volume in my headphones independently. All we need is the first payment up front and the rest in easy monthly payments!

Mackie 802 Vlz3 8 Channel Compact Audio Mixer

Faith Guitars – Modern British Designs. Pay the rest on collection. How do I get my gear? The shelves have no overlap, but if you cut both of them, you get a smooth midrange peak at 1 kHz, and if you boost both of them, you get a smooth dip at 1 kHz.

Ah, upgrading, what fun! What are points worth?

What you ask for? Selectable Instrument inputs on first two channels — no DI box needed.

Some of the channel strips are mono while others are stereo with two inputs each. Subscribe for free here. Want our best price even faster? You can also choose to assign the tape return to the stereo bus, but watch out for feedback if your recorder is in input-monitoring mode.

User reviews: Mackie VLZ3 – Audiofanzine

Big sound, lots of headroom, and so sensitive when it comes to mics. It was adapted by me to It’s very flexible in many conditions such as sending multiple channels other than the two main outs. Not satisfied with those reviews? You’ll still get the trustworthy service you’ve come to expect from zZounds, without paying more for your gear!


With the quality and flexibility in mind, this is an excellent value! If you have any doubts about Intgr DIs, or the many mac,ie the record is very well made, no worries.

Low and high-shelf EQ vkz3 included for these two channels. I had a behringer mixer and Phonics for the home studio tooMacoie prefer by far it is simpler and much better quality. Any significant cosmetic damage is shown in the photos so please macmie the time to look through and make sure you are happy with the condition before buying.

Compared to the unbalanced playback inputs on my Soundcraft Compact 4 Tape Op 44the Mackie’s tape returns exhibited a lower signal-to-noise ratio due to noticeably higher levels of EMI when fed my desktop’s soundcard output using the same cables with the mixers in the exact same positionmaciie noise wasn’t a problem when I patched an M-Audio FireWire Solo into the tape returns instead.

Mackie really shines with quality here. Credit provided subject to age and status. Are you tired of patching and re-patching your various sets of monitors? Even when it is-capable of producing beautiful sounds with the Vlz, but the breath Drang.

A portion of the industry has moved towards 82 mixing in the box and tracking We approve everyone, with very few exceptions, as long as we can verify your identity. Stereo Return for connecting effects processor or other stereo source. We recommend this alternative:. These days, there’s a whole bevy of manufacturers selling similar products. At the end of the checkout you’ll be taken to the V12 Finance web site.

The XDR2 mic preamps on both mixers are clean sounding and quiet. For the intended use mini trio sound and mixer stagethere is nothing better for me at the moment. At zZounds, we know you want your gear fast, and shipped to you free of charge. Normally we’ll give you one point for every pound you spend, but watch out for double and triple points deals for even more savings!


Using our Loan Calculator choose which finance term you’d like to apply for, and change your deposit if you wish. To find out more, including details on our international delivery charges, click the link below Find out more. EastCoast Guitars – Great Value!

No minimum purchase required. You turn the knobs, and you can hear the changes immediately. Your vote has been counted.

Mackie VLZ3 Ultra Compact Mixer | zZounds

Sign up for our newsletter Please enter a valid email address. I’m sure I’ll have this little gem till the day I open a professional studio and will have to upgrade to a much bigger console. While our competitors might offer house credit cards that require you to fill out an application and pass a credit check, our payment plans are easy to get, simple to use, and, best of all, accrue zero interest. I don’t know why they stayed away so long, but they’ve returned with a line of well- integrated, all-in-one desktop Berhinger rputes the poorly at the same time, given the difference in price The VLZ3 delivers the same phenomenal sound and performance that makes the makes the VLZ3 prized in studios and on stages around the globe.

Unfortunately, if you choose to use the ‘s main outs to feed your speakers which seems the most logical way to do itchanging your speaker level by turning the main level knob also affects the tape send. In short, it is very complete.