Maigne’s Syndrome. Lumbo-Pelvic Pain Part 1. William E. Morgan. It is natural to associate the site of pain as the source of pain. If the pain is over the sacroiliac. PDF | Thoracolumbar junction syndrome is defined as a result of a minor intervertebral dysfunction at the thoracolumbar junction and referred pain in the low. PDF | Thoracolumbar junction syndrome is characterized by referred pain which may originate at the thoracolumbar junction, which extends.

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Mechanism of facet load transmission as a hypothesis for low back pain. Due to this aspect, the suppression of the corticosteroids for acute and chronic pain in the suppression of pain offers a segmental and clear solution while being an important tool [ 11 ]. It’s the Syndrome, Not the Subluxation. The examiner compares both sides maigen states where the skin is rolled more heavily [ 4 ].

Finally, although the somatic dysfunction synddrome be seen within the context in which Chapmann was described but the disease is not just that.

The affected posterior ramus ends cutaneously causing trophic changes of the skin referred to as cellulalgia. Table 4 SF scores before and after treatment.

Maigne’s Syndrome – Dr. William E. Morgan

The distribution of the variable is measured by the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest and no financial support either. The trigger point in question is clearly just below the iliac crest, on the posterior side.


Maigne identified the syndrome which now bears his name with these observations: MRICT and myelography are all ineffective at localizing the at-fault level. Each group had 10 patients. On examination, there is pain and tenderness in iliac crest at a point which is consistently located seven centimeters from the midline. Note 2, the lateral femoral cutnaneous nerves, wrapping around should actually be exiting slightly lower in the spine.

On the involved side, the skin overlying the buttock and iliac crest is found to be tender when compared to the opposite side. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The Advantages of Cannibidiol.

The thoracic facet joint irritation is a common cause of pain at the lower lumbar and lumbosacral maignw [ 6 ]. The focus of the massages have been QL and periformis.

Posterior ramus syndrome

If you position the patient correctly by slacking the area and go deeply enough, you can provide cross-friction to both the origin and msigne of the iliolumbar ligament. Pain over the sacroiliac may be interpreted as originating in the sacroiliac joint, pain in the lateral thigh as Iliotibial band syndrome, and inguinal pain as psoas dysfunction.

Let’s Consider the Advantages.

The edema, the fibrin formation, the capillary dilatation and the leukocyte aggregation and phagocytosis occur from the effects of the Corticosteroids early inflammation; on the other hand, preventing the late effects collagen formation and scatrisation by capillaries and fibroblast proliferation plays an important role in controlling the inflammation. Neuropathic pain is found in three well described regions and serves as the principal clinical component in diagnosing Lumbar Dorsal Ramus Syndrome LDRS.


The Corticosteroid injections common usage is one of the methods for controlling inflammation and pain at the early and late periods.

Treatment Maigne encouraged the use of spinal manipulation to treat this syndrome. Note the osteofibrous tunnels the superior cluneal nerves come through and their supply to the skin, just below the iliac crest.

Thoracolumbar Junction Syndrome

One particular gluteal tender point, cm lateral to the midline, is right below the iliac crest. However, the exercises are not suitable for all the patients, especially those of neurodegenerative diseases originated from coordination disorders depending on the extent of making counter-indications for coordination disorder.

TLS clinical findings showed that the affected movement segment includes sensitivity with palpation at the T12 and L3 point with the pain radiating throughout segmental nerve distribution originated syndfome the thoracolumbar dorsal or ventral ramie sections. The ache in my right posterior iliac crest area is almost constant.

Yes, there is an English version. But I do think that the iliolumbar ligament can be quite clinically significant and can be another contributor to referred pain into the buttock. It is caused by the unexplained activation of the primary division of a posterior ramus of a spinal nerve.