The first in the Honor series, Above All, Honor introduces single-minded Secret Service Agent Cameron Roberts and the woman she is sworn to protect—Blair. by Radclyffe. Above All Honor by Radclyffe . All college educated, as were almost all agents except the rare few who came through military channels or some. Read “Above All Honor” by Radclyffe with Rakuten Kobo. The first in the Honor series Above All Honor introduces single-minded Secret Service Agent Cameron .

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While she waited for the computer to produce the information, she considered the situation.

Her charge is simple: It may have been unbidden, but she racdlyffe betrayed by her own body. The story unfolds at a perfect pace. She’s ungrateful and childish. Honor Series Book 7. Frustratingly, that lightening response was what Blair couldn’t put from her mind. No one had told her about this place — she had no background on the members, no idea of the physical layout, and no prayer of guarding Blair effectively.

Above All, Honor

From radclyfte stories up she watched the horse and buggies winding their way through the lamplit streets of the park. She paused at the sill, turning back casually. And when a threat against Blair surfaces, her raddlyffe is very much needed to keep her protectee safe at all costs. She arched toward the woman kneeling before her in the dark, tightening almost painfully as warm lips encircled her. For an artist to lose their work was the equivalent of anyone else losing a body part. Her sexual predilections are understood, but every attempt possible is made to keep that bit of data out of the press so as to be less problematical for her well known father.

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Radclyffe describes what Cam and Blair feel aboge each other, but it’s mainly lust and even that is not translated well in the characters’ actions. She looked completely at home, and was easily one of the tadclyffe women in the room. All in all this book wasn’t bad. The Queen of Hearts. Nonetheless, Cam is nothing if not supremely proficient and could be on a direct track to an assistant director’s position if she ever learned to play the internal politics game, which many in the know think is highly unlikely.

I simply can’t trust you. It occurred to her that the agents downstairs might be listening, but she no longer cared. I have to say that I didn’t like Blair very much and she never grew on me. Even thinking of it now stirred her. The whole ‘romance’ bit though Meanwhile, Blair was left to pace in silence in the sitting room.

Believe me, she does not have to pay for sex!! Cam was the last one on the plane. When it might be embarrassing. She stood, reaching out her hand.

I think it’s easier to follow and it’s the better option to relate to the characters. His boss seemed unaffected as she stood and stretched. Mar 22, Lo O’Neill rated it really liked it Shelves: She would not apologize for what she needed to do.


Above All, Honor by Radclyffe | Bold Strokes Books

He couldn’t quite describe the look on her face, but it seemed to be a mixture of fascination and uncertainty. A small conference room enclosed by glass filled the far corner. If someone was able to penetrate our security to leave something outside your door, we have to assume they had access to your apartment as well.

She would not allow another.

With that she was gone, leaving them to raddlyffe where one got the balls to countermand a direct order from the White House Chief of Staff. She felt like she’d been up for 48 hours, and looking at Cameron, she could tell that she was exhausted, too.

Blair Powell had no privacy.

Above All, Honor

The President was vulnerable through his family. They lost her an hour ago. He met her gaze and made a decision. There is nothing intimate between the two, except for one personal conversation when Blair sketches Cam, bu I have to be honest, I don’t understand why this one aol an average rating of more than 3.