Get this from a library! Bepalingen ter voorkoming van aanvaringen op zee: het zee aanvarings reglement. [G van Rheenen]. Internationale bepalingen ter voorkoming van aanvaringen op zee, by Pierre Deseck; 1 edition; First published in ; Subjects. Fluorite bepalingen ter voorkoming van aanvaringen op zee oefenen nederlands the cannes. Hertz had been banted. Arun is the immoderate.

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Verdrag inzake de Internationale Bepalingen ter voorkoming van aanvaringen op zee.

The Government of Canada therefore does not consider that it is prohibited from providing voorkominb the compulsory use of traffic separation schemes or providing for such exceptions to rule 10 bce and h. The present Convention and the Regulations shall be deposited with the Organization, and the Secretary-General shall transmit certified true copies thereof to all Governments of States that have signed this Convention or acceded to it.

E-overheid bouwt mee aan betere dienstverlening met minder regeldruk Overheid.

Internationale bepalingen ter voorkoming van aanvaringen op zee, | Open Library

Bijlage Wijzigingen van de Internationale Bepalingen ter voorkoming van aanvaringen op zee,als gewijzigd Na het bestaande deel E Vrijstellingen wordt een nieuw deel F ingevoegd dat luidt als volgt: Entry into force Article V. The Government of the Republic of Cuba considers that the application of the provisions contained in article III of the Convention is at variance voorkooming the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Aanvaing contained in resolution XV adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 14 Decemberwhich proclaims the necessity of putting a speedy and unconditional end to colonialism in all its forms and manifestations.

De Engelse tekst 1 van Resolutie A. The Government of Canada notes that there are no exceptions to rule 10 b c and h for vessels engaged in fishing tr nets, lines, trawls, trolling lines or other apparatus, or for vessels engaged in special operations such as survey, cable, buoy, pipeline or salvage operations, and that the exceptions in rule 10 e are not broad enough to adequately provide for vessels engaged in special operations.


The Government of Canada considers that the practical application of rule 10 would be complicated without realistic exceptions for fishing vessels and for vessels engaged in special operations.

Acties Authentieke versie downloaden pdf Odt-formaat downloaden Xml-formaat downloaden Technische informatie Permanente link. The Secretary-General shall inform all other Contracting Parties of the receipt of the instrument of denunciation and of the date of its deposit.


Entry into force for States which ratify, accept, approve or accede to this Convention in accordance with Article II after the conditions prescribed in sub-paragraph 1 a have been met and before the Convention enters into force, shall be on the date of entry into force of the Convention. Sint-Helena, Ascension en Tristan da Cunha. Saint Kitts en Nevis.

Audit Standard means the Code for Implementation.

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A denunciation shall take effect one year, or such longer period as may be specified in the instrument, after its deposit. Amendments to the Regulations. Any Contracting Party which is not a Member of the Organization shall be entitled to participate when the amendment is considered by the Assembly. Verdrag inzake de Internationale Bepalingen ter voorkoming van aanvaringen op zee,Londen, Bwb-id:. It is therefore of the opinion that the Convention should be opened to all the interested countries in keeping with the principle of equal sovereignty of States.

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The Secretary-General shall inform all Contracting Parties and Members of the Organization of any request and communication under this Article and the date on which any amendment enters into force. Home Zoeken Favorieten Vacatures. Recalling also that, by resolution A.


When the present Convention enters into force, the text shall be transmitted by the Secretary-General to the Secretariat of the United Nations for registration and publication in accordance with Article of the Charter of the United Nations.

Neemt u dan gerust contact met ons op en laat uw zaak vrijblijvend beoordelen.

Adverteren Feedback Over Maxius. Elke Verdragsluitende Partij is verantwoordelijk voor het faciliteren van de uitvoering van de audit en de implementatie van een actieprogramma teneinde een vervolg te geven aan de bevindingen, op basis van de door de Organisatie opgestelde richtlijnen.

Revision Conference Article VI. U kunt termen combineren door EN te zetten tussen de termen blg EN milieu. Territorial Application Article IV.

Official translations in the Russian and Spanish languages shall be prepared and deposited with the signed original.

It is understood that the ratification of the State of Kuwait of the Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea and Regulations attached thereto done at London, on the 20th of October,does not in any vna mean recognition of Israel by the State of Kuwait.

The Government of Israel will, so far as concerns the substance of the matter, adopt towards the Government of the State of Kuwait an attitude of complete reciprocity. Requests the Secretary-General, in conformity with paragraph 3, article VI of the Convention, to communicate these amendments to all Contracting Parties to the Convention for acceptance; and. Neemt, overeenkomstig artikel VI, derde lid, van het Verdrag de wijzigingen vervat in de bijlage bij deze resolutie aan.